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News |  24 Nov 2022 14:26 |  By RnMTeam

Tutara Peak partners with Milan Ring for his latest glistening vocal single "If"

MUMBAI: UK-based producer/songwriter Tutara Peak is fresh off the back of his recent single with Aether, “Yukijo”. Maintaining momentum through the rest of 2022, he returns with the rising Chinese-Indian-Australian starlet Milan Ring for a glistening vocal contribution on his latest single “If, out on November 23rd, 2022.  

Smooth and soulful, “If” opens with organic instrumental elements that pave the way for Milan Ring’s skillful songwriting. Lyrically weaving intricate words with overtones of the dichotomy between both affection and yearning, “If” is an ode to the “what could have been’s” of life’s journey. Tutara Peak strikingly compliments the thematic dynamics of Milan Ring’s lyricism with a glistening instrumental production that boasts harmony and amplifies the songwriters work into a collaborative musical moment. 

The latest delivery is an example of Tutara Peak’s range in production proficiencies that span across various applications of electronic music. From more driving and experimental pieces, to gorgeous, dynamic, and organic gems of the likes of “If”, Tutara Peak has a breadth of styles he effortlessly weaves across each installment in his catalogue. 

"I started a demo messing about with some new instruments like the Organelle M and sent over a very rough instrumental to Milan. She took the skeleton and structured it to fully realize the idea whilst adding some amazing vocal hooks and lyrics. Inspired by her lyrical content, I wanted to create a track that embodied and explored concepts of alternate pathways and dualities, with the visual aspects of the release focusing on mirrored images and reflections. 'If' embodies the more ambitious projects I'm working on, creating electronic music that a wider range of people can enjoy has always been something I've strived for and I feel after working with Milan on this song, I'm taking a step closer towards realizing that goal." - Tutara Peak 

Born in the Southwestern countryside of the United Kingdom, Tutara Peak is the creative genesis of producer and songwriter, Harvey Carter. Teasing the birth of the project in early 2020 with mission-driven single “Daydream”, the single was released in support of the UN Refugee Agency, and has since garnered upwards of 1,000,000 streams on Spotify alone. 

The official launch of Tutara Peak arrived in 2021 by way of “Raining Teeth” with Little Snake via Flying Lotus’ lauded record label Brainfeeder. That same year, Tutara Peak unveiled his debut EP Tansuri featuring Lou Rhodes of Lamb and frequent collaborator Zes. The blossoming artist closed out the breakthrough year by debuting his immersive live set across two sold-out shows in London as direct support for Zola Blood and Hybrid.

Milan Ring’s signature sound is a carefully orchestrated balance between the analogue and digital worlds, blending live percussion with electronic drums and synths with her raw guitar takes. Her production dances between moods and elements whilst her dynamic vocals bounce from low earthy raps to luscious harmonies. Lyrically, her songs are a conversation about control, decisions and navigating the spectrum of self, with verses that burst into a pure stream of consciousness. A singer, rapper, guitarist, producer, mix & mastering engineer, Milan directs each and every aspect of the creative process, from the first chord struck on the guitar to the final master. 

Milan Ring’s range is perfectly illustrated to us in her live show, stepping out solo, creating loops, dropping beats, triggering samples all whilst effortlessly leading with the guitar and engaging us with her honest & unique vocal - a masterful combination which has seen her play alongside Sampa the Great, Tokimonsta, Hermitude, Manu Crooks and The Rubens. 

“‘If’ was written about a young love that’s torn apart. I was reflecting on all the hopes of a relationship, to make it out of the struggle in the city/lower rungs of society, to greener pastures and to find peace. But it's cut short - I keep that open to interpretation - but to me, the person was rushing out of the struggle, and it was cut short by death, hence why they didn't have time to grow up together.” - Milan Ring

With more new music on the horizon and a rosy trajectory, Tutara Peak’s earned momentum sets the stage for a striking rise in the time ahead.