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News |  09 Nov 2022 17:33 |  By RnMTeam

Daler Mehndi brings to you the first ever Aarti sung in Raag Dhanasri Raag Prabhati and Raag Sorath

MUMBAI: Mehndi’s classical music training in Patiala gharana and penchant for Gurbani is at showcase in this spellbinding Celestial Aarti.

The aarti has never in the history of gurbani singing been sung in all the three ragas like this.

The Arti is authored by Guru Nanak Ji who deconstructs our narrative of worship by bringing to our awareness so we partake in the incessant celestial Aarti (lamp lit offering ) in action, the shabad extends to the prayer offerings authored by Bhagat Ravidas, Bhagat Kabir, Bhagat Dhanna, Bhagat Sain culminating with Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji’s words.

It’s an interesting celebratory appeal to the Divine.. a song of celebrations, a song of offerings and asking.

For Mehndi, Guru Nanak is breath, music, poetry, light, wisdom, birth, death and the journey beyond to me. "I am overwhelmed with love and deep gratitude to Guru Nanak ji for blessing me with this musical brilliance of the new epic marriage of Dhanasri with Prabhati and Sorath. It took me months of reading the exalted shabads of Guru sahab and the Bhagats in the Aarti and a month of work in the studio thereafter.”

With immense love, I offer you the Song of Offering, Asking and Celebration - the Aarti’

Aarti is available on Apple Music Store, Youtube, Hungama, and Jio Savan .