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News |  28 Sep 2022 11:55 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Andrea Jaremiah talks about her upcoming album “Flavors” infused with personal lyrics

MUMBAI: Singer-songwriter and actor Andrea Jaremiah to drop “Flavors” which is her maiden English album, a love child of the lockdown. “Flavors is eclectic, strong and provoking yet fun, free spirited and colourful”. 

The 7 tracks are co-produced by her band of boys, ‘The Jeremiah Project’, a long-standing musical association that started off as a series of studio jams back in the day. The album is infused with a melange of genres, the singer/songwriter’s personal lyrics layered with the prolific playing of her band members.

Radioandmusic got in touch with Andrea Jaremiah to know more about the album “Flavors” and the inspiration behind it. The singer also shared the next step for “The Jeremiah Project”. 

Talk to us about your album “Flavors”? 

‘Flavors’ is my maiden English album and I like to call it a ‘love child of the lockdown’… despite being a professional playback singer for over a decade, the idea of releasing an album of my own songs always seemed daunting, until the lockdown happened.. Suddenly we found ourselves with a lot of time on our hands, so each of the band members recorded their parts at their respective home studios, and that’s pretty much how it happened! Of course the songs themselves have been written across the years, right from the time I was a teenager, so it was interesting to go back in time and understand who I was back then!

What inspired you to create this? 

I think the inspiration for most of my songs is love- falling in & out of love… love & loss are the most intense emotional experiences for most people, and I’m no different. But it’s not all ballads, oh no, each song is a whole different vibe ! I’ve been blessed with the best, because each of my band members is a standout music producer, so this album was a collaborative effort by the 6 of us. Each song has a different sub-genre, and we’ve tried a lot of new sounds on tracks like Amusement & Sunrise, whereas 24/7 is a 100% live instrument bossa ballad. That’s one of the reasons we named the album ‘Flavors’ cos each song has a different flavor ! 

How have you balanced acting and singing? 

I think I’ve managed to balance the two fairly well. I do at least 3 films a year, and also manage to get onstage and perform live with my band. To be honest, I can’t do without both acting & singing, cos each thing satisfies a different part of me, though ultimately it’s all the same creative energy finding different outlets ! 

What kind of songs do you most enjoy singing? 

I actually love singing jazz songs though I’m more known for my peppy film hits. I grew up listening to a lot of Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday etc. There’s some inexplicable magic about old school jazz singers. But I have to say, singing your own music to a live audience is a whole other feeling. And that’s the space I am striving towards. 

What music dominates your own personal playlist?

These days it’s mostly a lot of eclectic electronic music playing off my phone, though I have a vast collection of classic jazz CDs. I listen to music depending on my mood, so it could be John Mayer today & Justin Beiber tomorrow ! But lately, I have also started practising the art of silence. I find that to be the best way to conserve one’s energy. 

What’s the next step for “The Jeremiah Project”

Hopefully a tour & another album in the making ! I promised myself that I wouldn’t record anymore songs until this album came out, so now that it’s out, I have no excuses ! I’m also working on a couple of indie collabs with regional artists, which is going to be a lot of fun !