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News |  15 Sep 2022 16:22 |  By RnMTeam

Dive into Zachary Ray’s Dreamy New Single: 'Danger'

MUMBAI: With reverberating vocals to communicate a message full of soul, singer-songwriter Zachary Ray has released his most recent single, ‘Danger’, in collaboration with Indian vocalist, composer and playback singer, Siddharth Basrur. This impactful piece of music isn’t just a treat to ones ears, but tends to the heart with a message about that one person, or thing, in one’s life that maintains the calm amidst the chaos.

Overwhelmed with the worlds negativity and washed over with bad news during the pandemic and with the political state of the world, Ray was inspired to write about the feeling of being drowned in such information and induces a want in his audience for a person who can pull them out of the dark, or pull them out of ‘danger’. The track aptly captures the emotions one would feel when seeing the one that makes them feel safe with the dream-like aura it creates while also keeping it extremely catchy, melodious, and appealing in the Pop Rock genre of music.

The mellifluous musician developed a passion for music at a young age through singing which paved a path for him to study at the precious Berklee College of Music in Boston. Zachary sees music as a tool that can heal people and influence minds. While he is releasing his own music and impacting many through his soulful work, Ray also teaches and trains aspiring musicians. While being based in India Ray has used his experience to teach at Calcutta School of Music and started his own company called Chaitown Community in 2015. His love for music has led him back to songwriting for which he has worked with producers Brandon Bee, who has produced music for Justin Bieber, and Nathan Walters, a billboard charting producer, on this song.

Zachary collaborated with Indian artist Siddharth Basrur for this track who is the front man of Mumbai’s progressive metal band, “Goddess Gagged”. Additionally, he has worked in the Bollywood industry and has contributed to popular movies such as ‘Haunted 3D’ and ‘Players’.

“Working with Zac was an absolute breeze. He gave me the creative freedom to do my own thing and play around with the melody but I really liked the song as it was, and didn’t deviate from the tune too much” – Siddharth Basrur on working with Zachary Ray.    

It isn’t easy to break into the music industry, but Zachary feels its easy to compare yourself to others as there are incredible musicians in abundance across the globe. What helps him is to be confident in the fact that there won’t be another being like him, he is his unique self. He has stories to tell that are only his own and that reflects in the originality and quality of his music.

Stay tuned for a remixed version of ‘Danger’ in collaboration with Jeanne Merchant while also keeping an eye open for what’s next from Zachary Ray; another song collaboration in September with Shreya Bhattacharya.

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