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News |  19 May 2022 12:56 |  By RnMTeam

Harshit Chauhan speaks about his project OG Studio-an initiative to promote Indie artists

MUMBAI: Singer, Composer, Arranger Harshit Chauhan has come up with a new concept with the vision to promote Indie Music in the country. Currently the indie music scene in the country is buzzing and Harshit Chauhan recently launched this unique concept of OG Studio. OG Studio is a series of 7 original songs composed by Harshit himself and sung by the likes of Aditya Narayan, Salman Ali, Divya Kumar, Pratibha Singh Baghel , Shadab and Altamash Faridi and Harshit himself. OG Studio launched on the 3rd of May 2022 with the song Anwar sung by Salmam Ali on a brand new upcoming Label Music 24 Records. The channel is headed by Darpan Bangeja. OG Studios is a series of modern folk original compositions.
Previously Harshit Chauhan has worked on some popular Indie songs with the likes of Adhyayan Suman, Aditya Narayan and more.

1) Please explain to us the concept of OG Studio

- OG Studio is a concept where you will discover original music. In today's time there are so many remixes and various versions of yesteryear songs and on the other hand the independent music scene in the country is getting stronger by the day. And there are some amazing talents who are a part of this journey and are trying to take original music to the next level. So this concept is an effort taken to keep music alive. It is a pretty simple concept, there are 7 original songs in the concept and this is the season 1. And I hope that people connect to this and we come out with more seasons after this. This will give an opportunity to other new composers also who would want to showcase their compositions and music with their set of singers. It is a dream project for me and finally it's becoming a reality. There are some great talents who have collaborated with me for this. Our tagline is Discover Original Music so it is pretty simple.  This concept came into my mind when I first heard Coke studio India and Pakistan. And you know some of the compositions that I heard there actually motivated me. I am a big fan of Coke Studio and it is my dream to perform there. I always wanted to be a part but then to be a part of it you need to have a body of work in Bollywood. I couldn't wait for me to get Bollywood films and that is how the concept of OG Studio came into being. And now even though my dream is fulfilling, I would still want to go and perform at Coke Studio.

2) How has been your experience of working with the likes of Aditya, Divya, Pratibha and Salman?

- How I felt collaborating with all these singers. So I’ll tell you Aditya Narayan is a very dear friend. We have been friends since a long time and when I told him that I am planning a concept like OG Studio he was ready to do it immediately. Divya Kumar is a  great singer and my brother. He is not my real brother but much more than a real brother. My relationship with him is something very different. He has been behind me to fulfil this concept. He did not just sing and leave, he has been there to guide me through the entire process. He is the backbone of OG Studio. Pratibha Singh Bhagel is an amazing singer, i'm a big fan of her and collaborating with her has been a great experience. Salman Ali is a great singer. We had not planned to collaborate with Salman Ali but later the label insisted on him. I then created a song especially for him. So in all the experience of collaboration has been great.

3) How has OG Studios collaborated with Music 24?

- So yeah, how Music 24 came into collaborating with OG Studio actually it’s a long story. The songs were ready for 2 years and I was looking for funding. I met a lot of labels and people and the meetings went well but they never got back. Then came Darpan Bangeja who owns the Label Music 24 Records So yea I am extremely grateful to him for believing in the concept. He trusted me despite the fact that I am a new composer.