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News |  18 Jul 2022 17:45 |  By Tolika Yeptho

"'Tera Pyaar' talks about old love story that may not be fulfilled post partition": Singer Dridha

MUMBAI: Independent singer-songwriter and actor Dridha AKA Barbie Rajput dropped her latest song “Tera Pyaar” on #KaanPhod.

During an exclusive interview with Radioandmusic, the singer goes detailed on her latest release “Tera Pyaar”, musical journey and her next projects.

Check the interview below:

What is the story behind Tera Pyaar?

The theme revolved around the pre partition love story, we have tried keeping it a bit contemporary in terms of the visual treatment , but lyrically the song talks about the old world love story that may not be fulfilled post partition . It was innocent, naive and honest.

How has the whole journey of making and shooting the song with mic test been?

It has been wonderful throughout. The idea has been encapusalted by the creative team v well , hope it connects with the people. It is a story of one of their own, their ancestors, the people who have lived this historically. The experience of creating the song and the video is v special.

Musical journey?

It is not all roses when you make your own music and you have to make sure that it reaches as many people as possible as an Indie artist but I am at it. Keeping our blinkers on and working towards making content that is substantial.

Upcoming projects?

More music coming along, more stories to tell. It’s going to be a beautiful journey here on. I feel I am home, I have found my footing of a certain kind, i’ll try holding onto it for as long as I can.