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News |  07 Jul 2022 14:13 |  By Tolika Yeptho

‘Khwabeeda’ showcase various face of art and stages of an artist’s life, says KING

MUMBAI: Hip-hop rapper KING dropped his new EP “Khwabeeda” showcasing various face of art and stages of an artist’s life.

During an exclusive interview rapper KING talks about his recent EP ‘Khwabeeda’, superhit song “Tu Aake Dekhle”, and his  new album, 'Champagne Talks’.  

Check the interview below: 

Congratulations on your latest EP “Khwabeeda”. Can you tell us all about it?

‘Khwabeeda’ is a story written by a fictional woman. Khwabeeda Hussain, the author of this story, writes about three different stages of life and characters through the songs – Baazi, Ek Tarfa and Sinner. All these characters have a distinct way of living and a different thought process. All of this aims to showcase the challenges of life and how you should lift yourself up through these challenges.

Through ‘Khwabeeda’ we are trying to showcase the various face of art and stages of an artist’s life. I also want this EP to resonate with society and send a powerful message to people. This EP also links to my upcoming album ‘The Champagne Talk’

Can you give us some insights on your musical journey?

My journey has been very adventurous and I have learned a lot. I built myself from the ground up in the music industry as I had no knowledge about the industry and had no godfather to guide me. While I also learned from my mistakes in these years, I have also tried to take lessons from others. Today I am the third most-streamed hip-hop artist in India, but this did not happen overnight. I believe that people actually liked listening to my songs because it had the charm of the old songs that people relate with. With each new step and every new project, I have never shied away from taking risks and that has made me grow tremendously as an artist. I have received so much love from my fans throughout my journey and I am really grateful for them. I have received so much love from my fans throughout my journey and I am really grateful for them. 

What is the story of this EP?

To be honest, the concept for this EP came to me when I was having a shower. I quickly called a friend and told him about my plan. This is when we began the process of writing the EP. We wanted to do things differently, therefore we looked for and fixed loopholes along the process. Our final goal was to create a distinct EP that would be enjoyable to listen to.

What are your projects?

I recently completed 'Khwabeeda,' and this is the first time an EP has been released cinematically in India. Khwabeeda is a certified smash cinematic video that is doing extremely well on the charts. I also recently collaborated with Moj to promote my record and communicate with my audience on the platform. It provided me with an excellent opportunity to discuss my observations and receive responses from my fans in real time.

I'm about to release my new album, 'Champagne Talks,' which has 8 tracks with no features. All of the tracks on this album will be solos, and the record will cover a broader range, making it entirely musically driven. It has piqued my interest.