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News |  06 Jul 2022 14:42 |  By RnMTeam

Pune’s MC Dodo releases his much anticipated Marathi rap video

MUMBAI: Pune’s very own hip-hop prodigy, Ashutosh Rokde aka MC Dodo released his first music video in two years. As an artist, Dodo focuses on social issues and his latest track is an unflinching take on addiction. It is also the first time he will be releasing a professionally produced video for which he paired up with Pune-based production house LMB Productions.

The two collaborated to create a video that is as powerful as the lyrics to his new single – Talap.

This track is MC Dodo’s attempt to dissuade his peers from losing themselves in harmful habits and encouraging them to find a passion that ignites a flame of joy rather than one of destruction. The music of this track has been produced by BamBoy (of Mumbai’s Swadeshi Movement fame). BamBoy, and others from the Swadeshi movement have always been supportive of the voices rising from Pune.

Music that tackles the realities of life and social issues has always held a special place of honour in the hip-hop scene. A move to talk about issues that affect people at a grassroots level can be seen everywhere – as can be proven by the recognition and respect commanded by the artists of The Swadesi Movement and Azadi Records. Never to be left behind in the social conversation, Pune’s street hip-hop artists such as MC Dodo have made sure that their message is heard loud and clear.