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News |  25 Jun 2022 17:33 |  By Tolika Yeptho

The Western Ghats's 'Khushnaseeb' is about finding light in the darkest times

MUMBAI: Mumbai electro-rock band The Western Ghats drops “Khushnaseeb”. The band includes keyboardist-producer Sunil George, vocalist Aryaendra Shekhar and guitarist Kaleb Shaji.

Radioandmusic got in touch with The Western Ghats to know more about their latest release, live shows and upcoming album.

Check the interview below:

Congratulations on “Khushnaseeb”, what is the story behind it?

During the lockdown, all of us were in different places, and we could not play our music to a live audience. It was a hard time for all musicians. But then, there was a silver lining; we could focus on creating new music with the right people, which was, in my opinion, the birth of our sound as a band. In that one and a half years, we put out five singles and an entire album which was quite the achievement for us!

We think what khushnaseeb really talks about is finding the light in the darkest of times and clinging to that hope believing it'll all be alright soon.

The idea for khushnaseeb was on from when we recorded Humne Bhi (2019). During a break between the recordings, Aryan asked Kaleb to jam over a few chords, and we recorded them on the phone. We dug that back up in 2021. Initially, it was an English song with the chorus, "I feel so good, I don't know if I should." Aryan then penned down a Hindi lyric, which eventually became Khushnaseeb.

How has the whole journey of making and shooting the song with mic test been?

Shooting with Mic Test has been a blast. Viacom set up the best crew we could have asked for. The whole set was filled with these enthusiastic creatives, and we were bouncing so many great ideas off of each other, and it was all swell. The final product reflects that as well.

Tell us about the live shows that has been going on?

The live shows are going really well. We have done shows in Mumbai, Pune, and Banglore so far and are presently charting tour plans. We are also looking forward to doing a lot of college fests this year, which I think will help our music reach a much larger audience.

Are you working on an album? If so talk to us about it?

We currently have 5 singles under development, and we plan to release an EP by the end of '22. We have been working on tracks that are supposedly off-genre for us, but as long as it speaks to our audience, we don't really let genres hold us back. The new tracks will feature some afro-pop influences mingled with the sweet Western Ghats flavor that we have developed.