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News |  20 May 2022 15:17 |  By RnMTeam

Endel Collaborates with Sony to Bring Audio Wellness to Sony’s LinkBuds series

MUMBAI: Now Endel soundscapes can help you relax, focus, and sleep in just a few taps, thanks to integration with Sony’s LinkBuds and LinkBuds S.

LinkBuds series now offer a seamless way to access Endel and its wellness soundscapes, thanks to a new collaboration. This latest integration with Sony’s innovative, truly wireless LinkBuds series will weave Endel into listeners’ everyday activities, improving their wellbeing.

Using evidence-based psychoacoustic principles, Endel soundscapes adapt to your place, weather, movement, and daily routine, using AI to create the right sound environment to help you focus, relax, or sleep. LinkBuds’ incredible, immersive sound brings out the power of Endel’s science-backed audio technology. The soundscapes surround you, while industry-leading noise-canceling technology integrated with LinkBuds S keeps you hearing only the sounds you want to hear.

“Our vision is to make wellness accessible to all through the power of sound and its undeniable effects on the human body and mind. To do this, we’ve created science-backed technology that generates personalized, adaptive soundscapes to help people focus, relax, and sleep,” says Endel co-founder and CEO Oleg Stavitsky. “The integration with Sony's LinkBuds series and sensor technology enables a genuinely seamless functional sound experience for any moment of the day, be it commuting, a relaxation break, a power nap, or a deep work session.”

Endel and LinkBuds series make the right supportive audio environment only a tap away. The LinkBuds series have “Quick Access” capability, allowing you to configure the headphones to jump back into your last Endel soundscape with just a few taps. Their built-in sensors and unique algorithm can tell what you're in the middle of—a conversation, a walk in the park—and trigger the right Endel's Focus or Relax experience for the moment, thanks to the LinkBuds series’ “Auto Play” feature.

Endel makes functional audio effective. Science shapes Endel’s approach: the app accounts for users’ heart rate, circadian rhythms (where they are in the sleep/wake cycle), and movement. It employs specific audio characteristics, masking some sounds, enhancing and providing others, to contribute to focus, relaxation, or sleep. One research study found, for example, that Endel’s focus experiences were 7x more effective in maintaining focus versus static playlists. Users were able to maintain their focus on a task for 95% of listening time.

This approach has intrigued some of the world’s most respected artists, who have collaborated with Endel to create adaptive experiences, including James Blake’s Wind Down, Grimes’ AI Lullaby, and Plastikman’s Deeper Focus, In addition to their earbuds, Endel subscribers can experience Endel on iOS, Android, macOS, Amazon Alexa, wearables, and Apple TV.

Sony's LinkBuds series have two model lineups: LinkBuds with a unique open-ring design and its step up LinkBuds S with noise-canceling capability. LinkBuds S work with Endel now and LinkBuds will follow, with an upcoming software update to be released by Sony in early June. Auto Play is available in the US and Japan. (Auto Play Android version on LinkBuds S is now available. Auto Play iOS version for LinkBuds S will be available in early June 2022.
Both Android and iOS version for LinkBuds will be available in early June 2022).