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News |  25 Apr 2022 18:57 |  By Tolika Yeptho

'A situation can look totally different for people with 2 different perspectives', says Pritha Ghosh in latest single 'COLORS I SEE'

MUMBAI: Independent singer-songwriter and a vocal coach Pritha Ghosh just released a beautiful Indie audio single called 'COLORS I SEE'.

Pritha has been singing since 14-years-old. She grew up listening and singing Indian classical and Bengali folk. It was only after she picked up the guitar after her 10th board exams (in 2010) that she was introduced to the world of western music and song writing which changed her life. “My dad used to teach me Raagas. He is a classically trained singer who works as an engineer for a living. He's extremely passionate about music, so we always had music playing in the house”.

Excited about the release, “This song is about how the very same thing can look totally different for people with 2 different perspectives. Say for example someone with trauma might be triggered by certain things that seem normal to others. There have been times when I have struggled to put my feelings into words about how I was hurt by something that was seemingly normal for others. At that point, I just wanted people to know and acknowledge that I come from a different place and that should be enough without having to tell the whole story. That's when I was inspired to write this song. Song writing has really been the healthiest way for me to express myself”.

When asked the important traits she feels that are needed to become successful as an Indie singer and performer, “It's extremely important to have your own style in your songs and a clear vision of how you feel, which in turn will translate to how your audience feels. Write relatable lyrics and music to convey your message or emotion. Practicing skills and song writing on a regular basis. Having a stage persona that matches your song writing and sound. For example, you need to write about issues that concern you. If you can't relate to your songs in your life, your audience definitely won't”.

Pritha’s music is appreciated not only in India but also abroad. Music consumerism is very different abroad than here in India. The fact that it is independent of the film industry makes a difference.

One of the main challenges in the music industry is funding. She has had nice experiences so far with people being very accommodating in terms of collaboration. However, some guys have been a little untoward, for example, “I have been asked if I would wear shorts for a gig before even being asked about my music. I'm yet to see the real struggle as I'm just starting out. However, I'm ready for it”.

“Artist development and overall growth in this country are very ambiguous. It's like pressing all the buttons on a machine to turn it on cuz you don't know which one is the power button. There's too little information about how to go about things, especially money, royalties, and stuff. Better access to information, clearly defined rights for artists and standardized pay for an artist's services are some things that need changes. Hustling doesn't feel like hustling when you like the job. She teaches, perform, learn and give graded exams to improve my skillset. She quotes, “It's not a race, it's a marathon. You just need to keep going, it doesn't matter what your pace is. Slow down, speed up, rest, and start again...just keep going and you'll make it to the finish line”, exclaimed the songwriter, when asked if she would like to change in the way Artist Development is shaped in India.

The singer has a lot of singles waiting to be produced and released in the upcoming months.