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News |  22 Apr 2022 11:29 |  By RnMTeam

“What you’re capable of knowing is as important as what you’re capable of showing,” says singer Rishabh Kant

MUMBAI: Music is a virtue that we all possess, as few of us have the blessing to perform while others can enjoy it. As our generation evolved through technological advancements, it made music more and more accessible to people and that directly contributed to revolutionizing the music industry. Independent artists like The Rish, Sukriti, Prakriti, QARAN, Raveena Mehta, and many such have proven the power of the internet when it comes to showcasing their talent to the masses. This new wave of artists has inspired today's kids to realize that talent is more valuable than references.

When asked Rishabh Kant AKA The Rish about his journey he mentioned, "In true sense, my entire life revolves around music. Both of my parents are classically trained singers, music has been in my veins. While starting my career in music, what I realized was that what you’re capable of knowing is as important as what you’re capable of showing. Since then I've tried and shown my devotion through my various covers, compositions, and singing projects. Though it took me some time to establish myself as a singer, I'm truly grateful to be collaborating with phenomenal artists like Sukriti, Prakriti, QARAN, Raveena Mehta, Asad Quereshi, and many such talented artists.

When asked Rishabh about his recent projects, he said, " QARAN is a genius. His sound is unique and doesn’t follow the herd. Our musical interests match a lot, so featuring vocals for 'Hope You Don’t Mind' was the best start to the mainstream sound I could have had. Talking about Majnu, it was truly an incredibly fun session to have. Sukriti and Prakriti are quick and adaptive and know what they want. Mellow D didn’t have to even pen down his verse, he freestyled his whole part. Composing that song was an absolute blast."

When asked about his upcoming project, he fondly mentioned that he is soon to release his next single which will be a genre-breaking record with Karan Kanchan.