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News |  14 Feb 2022 10:39 |  By RnMTeam

French Musician Greg Sauzet Experiments with Tagore Song in Collaboration with India's Soumita Saha

MUMBAI: Singer Soumita Saha collaborates renowned French Musician Greg Sauzet for her upcoming Tagore project song titled '" O Jey Manena Mana" that celebrates love. The song is a beautiful creation by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

Tagore's love songs are spontaneous effusions in moments of emotions when they come, but all his love songs have strings attached to soul with a chord which we call "spirituality". Soumita added "Having received training in Shastriya Sangeet, Western Carols and Tagore Music I have always felt Rabindra Sangeet bears essence of all genre dhrupad anga to Western. When I was working this Song "O jey Manena Mana", Greg Sauzet showed interest. He asked me if I needed help with arrangement. That's how I got to know that he too nurtures interest in Tagore Music. After a lot of discussions about the song I found him thrilled about execution of this song. Sometimes Greg seemed more excited than I was. He is a great Sitarist, when he introduced Sitar sessions. The music arrangement attained fusion touch." Greg Sauzet mentioned that his interest in Tagore grew almost ten years ago, his happiness knew no bound when he received collection of books on philosophy, which his grandmother offered offered him. He was deeply touched by the accuracy of Tagore's words and thoughts. Greg also added I think this song is very sweet, very soothing. The melody is really beautiful and stays in your mind. The lyrics, of course, are very deep, touching and talk about love. I'm very excited about the release of this song. It's a honour to record this song with the great singer Soumita Saha who has chosen this beautiful song from the Nobel laureate Tagore, both from Bengal. Recording this song was the occasion for me to learn more about the bengali language and culture which I love. I really think India is the country of music so I always love playing music with the beautiful India."

The direction and editing job has been done by Team Melotunes while the credit of direction of photography goes to Soumita's fiancee Agniv Chatterjee. Agniv works for a prestigious company as a senior automation engineer. He nurtures deep interest in photography which bridges Adorable couple's artistic interest aspect. The Music video shall feature Soumita and Greg and glimpse of Soumita's world paintings exists in the video as icing on top of the cake. The song is streaming on all major digital Music streaming platforms. Music video shall release from Melotunes official YouTube channel.