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News |  11 Feb 2022 14:51 |  By RnMTeam

New pop duo 31 Stars releases debut single ‘Catch A Vybe’ on AI-enabled label Snafu

MUMBAI: Up-and-coming pop duo 31 Stars will release their debut single ‘Catch a Vybe’ on AI-enabled label SNAFU on February 11.

Designed with an equal emphasis on dancefloors and airwaves alike, ‘Catch A Vybe’ also features Los Angeles-based musician and writer StarChildYeezo.

Easily categorised as happy and tropical, ‘Catch a Vybe’ is a song that “you can listen to literally anywhere – on a drive, in a nightclub, or while laying down on the beach on a sunny Sunday afternoon,” says Jay Punjabi – one half of 31 Stars – before adding, “We wanted to create a fun, love song that everyone can relate to. This is a song which you can relate to when you fall in love at first sight!”

Who is 31 Stars?
31 Stars is made up of two Mumbai-based producers Aman Vanjani and Jay Punjabi, who met in London where Aman studied production and Jay worked as the head of music in a management company.

With the global pop sound front and centre of their music-making process, the Mumbai-based composers headed to the home of pop music, Los Angeles to write and record their first record.

Why Los Angeles? Los Angeles is where big artists write and record. Labels and publishers are based in LA, and so are the sync houses who put songs in ads and TV shows. Aman and Jay tapped into the collaborative spirit of the LA pop-songwriting community – they worked with eleven songwriters and some of pop music’s fastest rising talents – over a period of a month to create songs that will be introduced to the world as a four track EP on the AI-enabled indie label, SNAFU.

31 Stars want to redefine how the world perceives Indian music, and ‘Catch A Vybe’ is the first step in that process.

The song releases on February 11 on SNAFU.