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News |  31 Jan 2022 15:20 |  By RnMTeam

Indie Artist Yashraj Shaw presents 'Tum Meri Thi' featuring Miss India Assam Triveni Barman

MUMBAI: Indie Songster, Composer and Lyricist ‘Yashraj Shaw’ presents ‘TUM MERI THI’, a Hindi-Pop track which depicts the grit and determination of not giving up on your love with a pinch of innocence. The title may sound a little ‘downhearted’ but the overall vibe of the song is upbeat, energetic and happy. The music video captures the serenity of Meghalaya, from villages to the Shillong city which adds to the beauty of the track. It features Triveni Barman in lead role who was the finalist of Miss India 2017 and was crowned as Miss India Assam in 2017.

In this age of swiping left and right, we are going a little old school with this song, where moving on is not as easy as it looks like. When you love someone and if it is reciprocated equally, giving up or moving on is a little outlandish. No relationship is perfect but it does not mean that love doesn’t exist.

'Tum Meri Thi' is all about doing everything for the love which was meant to be destined. It's about how one can travel a thousand miles to get back to the person whom he loves (It’s shown in the music video) The main crux lyrics of the track is: ‘Tum Meri Thi, Tum Meri Ho, Tum Meri hi Rahogi”, says the vocalist Yashraj. He previously released his original ‘Kaise Kahu’ in 2019 and his recent release ‘Rehnuma’ which was produced by Baanyan Tree Productions released on 3rd January 2022. ‘Tum Meri Thi’ is his third track. The video of ‘Tum Meri Thi’ is his way of tributing the beauty of Meghalaya where he has spent most of his teenage years.

Talking about the creation of the song, the Artist says, “Every Artist needs an inspiration to create something. I, as an artist, find inspiration from my stories. I decided to write and compose this song after breaking up with my girlfriend but of course, I never gave up and we started talking again after months. This was the time when I created ‘Tum Meri Thi’ with all the love and emotions in the world It took me a couple of hours to write it and a few more hours to compose it because I knew how I wanted this song to be. The next step was to produce & record it and it was done in Mumbai. Once it was recorded, I was keeping my options open to shoot for the music video. I have spent my teenage in Meghalaya and it is also the place where I met this girl, so there wouldn’t have been a better place to shoot it.”

About Yashraj:

Hailing from Hazaribagh a small town in Jharkhand, Yashraj Shaw is an Independent Artist who is mainly into Hindi-Pop genres. He has been into music for 15 years and has been a constant performer. He started composing and writing his own tracks in the last couple of years inspired by the real stories and adventures happening around him.

He believes in consistency and is planning to come up with three more tracks by the mid of year.
Every project is complete with a team effort and Tum Meri Thi was wrapped up successfully with some supremely talented people.

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