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News |  27 Jan 2022 15:42 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Rishabh Raghuvanshi and Sanchit Khosla drop powerful friendship song "Yaara Mere"

MUMBAI: Rishabh Raghuvanshi and Sanchit Khosla brings to you “Yaara Mere”, that talks about friendship, feeling of security and togetherness. It was sung by singer Rishabh Raghuvanshi, written and composed by duo Khosla Raghu.

“Yaara Mere” was inspiration solely from their own school life. “It was very nostalgic for both of us when we decided to create this track and hence, it holds a very special place in our hearts. It was actually written somewhere towards the end of 2019 and recorded it on September 2020. It was a long while till the track actually got signed and finally came out. So, it definitely was a long process, but a fruitful one”. The video serves as a powerful cue to recall the emotional connection and feeling of security that is evoked through friendship, features talented comedian Kiran Dutta, along with Harpal Saikia, Alishmita Goswami and Saurav Hazarika.

Watch here:

Rishabh Raghuvanshi and Sanchit Khosla went to the same boarding school. Little did they know that they would end up making music together. However, they are glad it happened the way it did, and they consider themselves very fortunate for it.

When asked the kind of challenges they face working together, “As far as the challenges are concerned, it's a blessing in disguise. We don’t have the same taste for music, we have our own takes on how we visualize music, it's not exactly the same but it's not very contradictory either. Hence, we always manage to find the middle ground and it works out somehow. We do try to explain our own perspective to each other, but in the end, it’s what we both happily agree to”.

There are many artists from different genres and different cultures who have inspired the singers in many ways. They look upto their work and try their best to deliver something of that level in their own style. “Owing to the fact that both of us like listening to such different kind of music, we introduce each other to our favourite genres and artists”. It's a very wide playlist - Electronic Dance music, Hindustani Classical, Pop Music, the contemporary Bollywood music; they listen to it all and it automatically inspires them in so many ways.

When talking about his future endeavors, they have been working on many tracks lately. Some of them are already recorded and completed. “But there is so much that goes into it than just making music and hence, we are waiting for the right plan of action for those tracks, and then they'll be ready to go”.

We are also waiting to be able to perform live as soon as possible and are really excited for that. The live shows have been struggling because of the pandemic and hopefully that should work out soon.

They are always look forward to making and exploring more good music and seeing the best of it. Stay Tuned!