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News |  20 Jan 2022 18:44 |  By RnMTeam

RYL0's electric new single, 'On the Run' enlists producer Cary Singer and vocalist Robel Ketema to craft a sumptuous, left-field pop experience

MUMBAI: RYL0 is one of the most exciting new voices coming out of the emerging Hyperpop scene. Over the past year the New Jersey-born, LA-based singer, songwriter and producer has refined her brand of raw popstar energy, flipping the concept of stardom on its head through her strikingly candid music and online presence.

This was no more apparent than on last summer’s 'I’m the Best!!' mixtape, an eclectic project that saw RYL0 moulding her colourful pop songwriting and vocal delivery across a diverse set of electronic instrumentals. The tape was also a revelation to the Hyperpop scene, providing RYL0 with enough notoriety to procure slots on lineups alongside Alice Longyu Gao, Arca, Kero Kero Bonito, and for the legendary underground sksksks party in New York. RYL0 is paving new ground: she is a walking supernova of forward-thinking pop ideas and, as one of the few black women in Hyperpop, a pioneer for what kind of artists can be the face of this space.

On RYL0’s electric new single, 'On the Run', she enlists producer Cary Singer and vocalist Robel Ketema to craft a sumptuous, left-field pop experience. The track kicks off with longing guitar lines and a gorgeous hummed melody from RYL0, who then comes in with an arrestingly deadpan verse full of witty lyrics. Robel, a fellow innovator who’s affiliated with Dylan Brady and known for his fusion of Hyperpop and Afrobeat, contributes a contrasting, fiery verse that flows immaculately with ear-grabbing rhymes and melodic cadences. The two verses are then sandwiched between an irresistibly catchy chorus that sees the two artists meld together for a fun, warm-hearted hook.

The lyrics of 'On the Run' which persistently allude to video game worlds and digital escapism, are reflected by the song’s glitchy, propulsive instrumental. Overall, Cary Singer’s production is layered and infectious, becoming a third character in the sonic universe built by the two magnetic vocalists. 'On the Run' is a massive accomplishment between its collaborators, with each artist bringing something different to the table. The song also represents something new for Hyperpop by striking a careful balance between upliftment, dystopian anxiety and sincere emotion—a level of tonal nuance rarely achieved in the scene.

'On the Run' is RYL0’s first single since last August’s 'Filthy Cash Pig', a volcanic banger made in collaboration with DJ Re:Code (aka Aron Enoch) and Tobre. Releasing January 19 on Loveshock, a new underground label, 'On the Run' is just the beginning of what will be a seismic, expectation-defying year for RYL0. The following months are full of yet-to-be-announced treats—so keep your eyes peeled.