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News |  17 Nov 2021 12:30 |  By Tolika Yeptho

‘Mera Haasil’ is a tailor-made(sic) song says Sheetal Gupta on collab with Throan Of Art Music

MUMBAI: Singer-songwriter Sheetal Gupta dropped a new soulful love song “Mera Haasil” collaboration with Throan Of Art Music.

“Mera Haasil” has come into being because the producer and actor Prashant Yadav, shared Sheetal excited about the release. Prashant had a storyline in place that appealed to her and Sheetal wove a song around it. “You can say it is a tailor-made(sic) song. When you see the video, you will relate to what I've said”.

“An artist looks forward to making the art-form reach their rightful audiences. YouTube has given a platform to all artists I must say, but there's an added advantage with very few platforms who support independent artists and give them their due", she adds. Throan Of Art Music is one of those very few platforms, they are artists themselves so they understand the sentiments and have decided to come forward to help the artists. She finds them to be a perfect balance of business with a human touch. They presented the song to TOA, they liked it and the entire process has been smooth sailing. Now, they all shall see the outcome of this collaboration.

Juggling between being a mom, a creative director and entrepreneur to pursuing music at this stage in her life, Sheetal reveals what keeps her musically rooted and driven to keep singing, “I guess my artistic soul finds salvation in playing all the roles and doing all that I am doing with fervour and passion. It is challenging yet worthwhile, taxing yet rewarding”. She finds herself when she loses herself in music, perhaps that's what keeps her musically rooted and driven. The songwriter puts in the effort and just flows with the tide, whatever is meant to be, will be Que Sera.

The singer draws inspiration from anything and everything, the course of life itself. It has all elements that inspire and make her wonder. “Song writing is a process. Sometimes a thought can develop into a verse & compellingly find its own melody, while other times a tune is set so that it draws apt words to it”, she shares. Either ways she needs solitude and a relaxed ambience to sit and write calmly or sometimes even to rack her brains.

Sheetal would love to work with whoever is musically inclined and finds any worth in my work. She also would like to work with Vishal-Shekhar for their sheer penchant and Mr. A.R. Rahman, as she is very intrigued about his working style.

Further, she revealed that there are a few songs lined up. They are trying to bring something new for their listeners as they gear up to collaborate with other singers. There's a whole new world of OTT to cater to know, so they are looking forward to featuring there as well. Films definitely are her target always.

The songwriter advises women that with age comes wisdom, so use it to build yourself and find your path and purpose. As women, we are here to nurture not only others but ourselves too. “You seek and you shall find ways to follow your dreams and carve your own niche”. All one needs is a strong mindset to take on the challenge and make a supportive environment for oneself to go out there and work guilt free.

“Acceptance is a huge virtue, accept whatever life has to offer and make the most of it, smile through your struggles and smile when everything falls in place, it is infectious”, Sheetal concluded.