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News |  27 Oct 2021 14:05 |  By RnMTeam

'Bigg Boss Telugu 5': Singer Sreerama Chandra's sacrifice

MUMBAI: 'Bigg Boss Telugu 5' is now one of the most-watched Television shows in the Telugu states. With the game getting intense day by day, the show is grabbing much attention. After actress Priya got eliminated from the reality show, the nominations were too emotional for the inmates to handle.

As created by the makers, Monday's nominations had the families of the housemates post letters to them. The one who gets to read the letter would be safe from the nominations, as the selected housemates decide who gets to read them. Two housemates were called into the power room and handed over the letters of two inmates. The initial inmates get to decide to whom they hand over the letter.

Actor Manas and singer Sreerama Chandra were called to the power room, who get to decide between Lobo and Priyanka. Lobo backs off, as Priyanka is saved from the nominations by receiving the letter from her family. Similarly, Vishwa, Anne, Jessie, and Kajal were saved from the nominations, as they get to read the letters written by their family members.

Though Sreerama Chandra received his letter, he decided to give a chance to Jessie, who had no other option but to make one of their inmates sacrifice. So, Sreerama Chandra saves Jessie and gets into the nominations. On the other hand, VJ Sunny, being the captain of the house receives a letter from his family.

The week's nominations list includes most of the strongest contestants of the season. So, it is going to be crucial.

(Source: IANS)