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News |  26 Oct 2021 13:35 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Composer Ashutosh Phatak reveals ‘Mumbai Daries’ helped him combine emotions and tensions for ‘Yeh Haalath’

MUMBAI: Composer and multi-instrumentalist Ashutosh Phatak composed new emotional Hindi song “Yeh Haalath” from Amazon Original Mumbai Diaries, sung by Jubin Nautiyal.

The composer revealed that when he first saw the episodes of Mumbai Diaries and started composing, he was completely enthralled by the raw emotions and real tensions that were captured was unbelievable that made his job enhancing the situations. “The acting was amazing; the way it was shot you’ll feel like you’re a part of the show. It was very interesting of the direction we chose to take, enhancing pure emotions. And I think there was a lot of tension which was really fun to do. As a composer, from emotional songs to going into electronics it required me to find combinations of tensions and emotions that were drawn from the acting and the whole show”.

“It was really fantastic working with Nikhil Advani, I’m very proud of what we have done. The songs themselves were very fun to do”, he adds.

Excited about his releases, for “Yeh Halaath” they did with different versions and singers and they got to work with Jubin which was great, he shared. “He took the song and made it his own, in fact all the singers topped in that. We also did a song which is not in the show but is now out with Zara Khan of “Yeh Halaath”, she did a great job too. We were working remotely so everyone was doing their parts and sending it to me. Somehow it almost clicked to not put too much effort behind, we really want a Sufi kind of voice and Altamash Faridi really brought the raw emotion into it”.

Further the composer talked about his story in the music industry, “I’ve been part of bands growing up. I started composing music in the commercial space advertising, and did thousands of commercials that really got me to have a really strong understanding on how to interpret different scenes and songs”. From there he ended up doing a bunch of movies. He has also been a part of the music industry trying to support and grow it. He is one of the founding partners of live music chain blueFROG, co-founder of The True School of Music, and one of the co-founders of The Quarter. Phatak has composed music for over 3000 television commercials, soundtracks for over 10 feature films, and released over 15 contemporary music albums.

Education was an important part of the composer so along with his Nitin Chandy partner introduced “True School of Music” that’s grown to be a music institute and they are really proud of that. He is also trying to get music education to the masses, so they started an app called “Singshaala” which just got launched where you get to sing through the app without the teacher. The app itself gives real feedback. “Hopefully it will make music education available to the masses and give happiness and job into singing”.