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News |  22 Oct 2021 19:31 |  By RnMTeam

See Adele's "English Countryside" featuring Celine Dion's framed Gum

MUMBAI: Honestly, there's so much to unpack from Adele's "73 Questions" video that we barely know where to start.

Well, there's the beginning, which features Adele unpacking her car after a grocery run, because apparently the world-famous singer still does that. But more fun awaited fans as the singer took Vogue's camera inside her Los Angeles home for all to see. So what does living like Adele entail? For one, she has a few bottles of hand sanitizer around the house. Her kitchen cabinets are a grayish blue, her shelves are lined with books and she has bright-red sofas in a separate sitting room—which all lend themselves to a polished but cozy aesthetic. Or, as Adele put it, like an "English countryside."

That vibe is especially evident once she heads outside to her lush backyard, which Adele calls both "very English" and "very Grey Gardens." But when it comes to her most prized possession, it's not any of the 15 Grammys she's won or other awards she's collected over the years. Instead, it's a framed piece of gum sitting on a sofa table near her kitchen.

Its original owner? Celine Dion.

Adele explains that it was James Corden who gave her the very unique item after doing Carpool Karaoke with the iconic singer. Knowing how much of a Celine fan Adele is, he had the Titanic star spit her gum into a piece of paper and what resulted was a truly original gift.

Fans were likely not ready for the interview to end, and it seemed Adele wasn't either, because she surpassed the 73 questions and let the queries continue over tea.

From her Al Pacino impression and pick for the next James Bond to her latest binge-watch and the biggest risk she's ever taken, Adele gave it her all. But don't just take our word for it—pour your own cup of tea, settle in and watch the sure-to-be viral episode above.