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News |  12 Oct 2021 12:27 |  By Namrata Kale

Wiz Khalifa is a leader, mentor, and a legendary artist; expresses THEMXXNLIGHT

Popular Indian-American R&B/pop collective, THEMXXNLIGHT geared up for the global premier of their second independent release of 2021 on 30th July across all major streaming platforms in association with THEMXXNLIGHT Entertainment Corporation.

On this record, the Bay area natives teamed up with frequent collaborators from the revered Taylor Gang camp - producer Sledgren and rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Assuming the monikers of Luv (Krish Chandani) and Kush (Akash Chandani), THEMXXNLIGHT have been a key component on Khalifa’s earlier releases, but this track marked the duo’s maiden feature with the American rapper on their independent release, making them the first artists of Indian descent to collaborate with the rap royalty.

The duo shone once again with a luxuriant new drop by intertwining their upscale R&B style together with chill production to form an unapologetic club-ready anthem layered with honeyed hooks, sultry bass-line and slick lyrics.

The record’s central theme revolved around a classic teenage love saga, with both the twins taking turns crooning about raging emotions and mixed signals centered around a love interest.

The accompanying cinematic video projects an ominously sexy vibe, blurring the lines between illusion and reality. To get more information about the collaboration we spoke to THEMXXNLIGHT.

Check interview below.

Could you please enlighten us on your collaboration with Wiz Khalifa for the track Naughty or Nice?

Akash ( Kush ) It was an amazing experience working with the legend himself on this track! We have done five collabs in the past and this was our 6th release together.
This collab is definitely the most meaningful release so far and we can’t wait for more people around the world to hear it.

Krish ( Luv ) This track means everything to us as it is more than just a song, it is a culmination of our years of work and the relationship we have built with Wiz Khalifa and Sledgren over the past few years. After being featured on 5 songs by Wiz Khalifa, we finally were able to release a song featuring him which is ground-breaking for us.

• How was your experience working with him?

Akash ( Kush ) The experience has been amazing! He is a leader, mentor, and a legendary artist. We just feel blessed to have the opportunity to learn from him.

Krish ( Luv ) Our experience working with Wiz has been amazing and a dream come true to say the least. He is such an icon and such a positive and motivating person, it is such an amazing energy every time we are in the studio with him.

• Could you describe your bond with Wiz Khalifa to the audience?

Akash ( Kush ) The bond has been very unique. We are artists as well as realtors, so we have interesting discussions together about all aspects of life. We have been close with Wiz for a few years now and being in the studio with him hundreds of times has led us to this moment!

Krish ( Luv ) Our bond with Wiz is one of a kind I would say. He is always so happy to see us whenever we are in LA. We don't only talk about music with Wiz, we talk about real estate investments, personal life experiences and even talk about our Indian culture sometimes.

• What makes this song unique?

Akash ( Kush ) The song is unique because it has elements of a classic R&B song but implements that futuristic vibe that we strive for. The production is super cool too! Sledgren and Jacobi killed the beat. Wiz comes in with his verse and absolutely nails it lyrically and melodically!

Krish ( Luv ) This is truly a one of a kind collaboration! Both Akash and I switch off hooks and verses in the song. In the second verse we also try a more energetic style which was very fun to experiment with!

• What are your upcoming projects?

Akash ( Kush ) We have tons of upcoming music ready to launch. We have tons of music videos ready as well, so we can’t wait to get those out to the world.

Krish ( Luv ) We have many unreleased major collaborations and projects! Many of the songs are very new and unique and I feel no one is really creating that exact sort of sound so it will be exciting to see what people think. We also have a bunch of music videos that are finished and ready to go!

• Future collaborations?

Akash ( Kush ) We have amazing collabs coming up soon such as Megan Thee Stallion, Roy Woods, TM88, and many others.
Krish ( Luv ) Our future collaborations include Wiz Khalifa, Megan Thee Stallion, Travis Scott, Roy Woods, DJ Snake and more!

• One message to the audience

Akash ( Kush ) Pursue your passions! You have one life so why not give it your best shot.
Krish ( Luv ) Never stop grinding even if you think you have accomplished something great, celebrate it but stay focused and keep going! Also everyone needs multiple streams of revenue so never limit yourself in terms of what you are capable of! Always try new things!

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