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News |  11 Oct 2021 16:19 |  By RnMTeam

Vineet Singh Hukmani has released a melodic rap rock number titled 'Hurry'

MUMBAI: Just about a month ago, Vineet made history as the ‘First artist in the world to have 6 number 1 singles on the European Top 100 Charts in 2021’. Before August 2021 concluded, the Harvard grad’s score of number 1s hit 7, with his last hot funk release WTF. Where’s The Fun simultaneously topping two prestigious global radio charts (World Radio & European Indie).

The global radio chart-topper who is regularly breaking barriers as an English language artist from India - has just released his first Adult Contemporary track titled Hurry on October 7th, 2021. Hurry addresses the excruciating dilemma people go through when ‘break-up’ is an inevitable reality. The NCR-based artist captures the weak & the strong, emotional & rational dualities of such a predicament, beautifully with an infectious rhythm and raspy vocals on the bedrock of Rock & melodic Rap that urge the listener to ‘Hurry’ and get off the fence and on to a decision either way.

Like all of Vineet’s tracks, Hurry also bears the artist’s signature stamp of optimism — albeit in a different fashion, while also displaying a wide range of musical variety from this genre agnostic artist. “This is my first song that approaches optimism differently. Sometimes moving on from a bad relationship is the only way to get your life back. The song tells the listener to take a call quickly, as sitting on the fence is far more hurtful than any decision you take. When a decision is made, you can either move on or you can inject more energy to make it work. But you have to hurry, as precious moments of your life are wasted due to such an energy sapping dilemma. Life is short! Love is shorter!” says Vineet, who has within this year released several different styles and genres including Synth-Pop & Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, Funk and more.

The vocals oscillate between the voice of desperation and voice of calm. Through the song one hears the artist channel the angst of rock represent the frustration and then modern day melodic rap, that comes in almost as the inner voice of reason. Vineet worked diligently to do justice to the dilemma the song showcases. The music is introspective but transforms to a large declaration only to go back to the inevitability of acceptance.
Hurry is accompanied by a video in the refreshing vertical format that allows ‘intimacy of viewing’ enhancing the viewer’s perspective of a song of this nature.It is almost as if a camera is placed in the vicinity of people going through a dilemma in real time.