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News |  16 Sep 2021 17:46 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Vyom Singh Rajput dropped romantic song 'Tumse'

MUMBAI: “Tumse” is a whole package of Vyom.

Singer-composer and songwriter Vyom Singh Rajput dropped “Tumse” under Zee Music Company.

“Thank you so much for the success of 'Tumse'”, says Vyom. The story behind “Tumse” is a romantic one. It's about when you fall in love for the first time, the feeling, the chemistry of the first love. “The whole team has done fantastic work. We had beautiful locations and the song is being liked by everyone. I want this song to continue its growth and success. So, this is the whole story of ‘Tumse’ as of yet”.

Regardless what kind of song it is, if it has soul, a meaning or a feel, it touches every type of audience even if it's the youth, or the aged or the children. 60% of our nation's population is the youth. In today's time if the songs are made meaningful, with well written lyrics and a feel to it, the audience and fans would love these kinds of songs in my opinion.

For the last 2 years have been quite difficult due to covid for the singer and a lot of other factors. Music is such an art that connects you directly to God in his opinion. If you have to say something you could convey it musically anywhere and to anyone. “I'm a natural singer and my background is also filled with music and poems. So, during these testing times, music helped me a lot. I made new songs and kept composing them. I always kept my involvement in my profession and passion. These things helped me quite a lot during the pandemic”.

Further sharing his inspiration, "From day 1, my inspiration for creating songs has been my dad. Because, he himself is a folk singer and sings beautifully even today”. The songwriter always looks up to him and follows in his footsteps. He also feels if the song has a soul, it comes to life on its own and there's a sweetness that comes with it. One has to sing the song with a feel. The feel and the soul are very important to sing any song, this is what he feels.

After “Tumse”, he has been working on two more music videos. He has wrapped up the shoot on one of them recently and the second one will be shot next month. After that, he is working on the music of a very big political film. “Everything else depends on God, my fans and how much they are liking my work”, he concluded.