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News |  11 Sep 2021 12:45 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Rising women in the music industry; Aanchal Shrivastava, Akanksha Bhandari and Kamakshi Khanna speaks their mind

MUMBAI: Just as every growing Indie scene in our country, Indie women artists are on and at it & indeed becoming a treat to listen to. The scene is marked by a phenomenal number of fabulous woman artists & these brilliant artists only seem to add up in numbers. 'Women in Indie' is a specialist playlist in our country's one of the most reputed streaming platforms and we can't stop loving the infectious tunes these women are bringing. Let's hear them... One by One:

Singer Aanchal Shrivastava speaks her mind, “Women in indie music are a thing and how! It makes me extremely proud to be a part of such a powerful women gang, where each day one of us is proving ‘Sky Is Our Limit’. I feel Indie music has brought back the era of emotions, meaningful lyrics & heartfelt compositions, while the ladies are, each day bringing out a world full of their inner self, they are also making sure that with every song a new high in the scene is set”.

Future of Women in Indie was defined quite a while back she feels by the likes of Shubha Mudgal ji, Suneeta Rao, Shweta Shetty - With this recent fame to indie music as a scene, the acceptance has been much loved & she feels, “We Women in Indie will only raise the bar each passing day!”.

Akanksha Bhandari also shares, “The indie scene in India has witnessed a huge shift especially in the case of women. This shift took time, it was gradual and full of difficulties. However, I’m finally able to see women rising independently and they’re getting the support that they deserve and more. Being an independent artist myself, I know how much effort and focus it takes to do everything on your own. From making the song from scratch to completing the music video by yourself requires dedication”.

On the same, singer Kamakshi Khanna expressed she’s so excited about the future of Indie music! The number of women releasing independent music and owning their narrative is really reassuring to see. We need a lot more women taking up space in every realm of the industry to truly be equally represented and recognized but we’re slowly getting there and I’m excited to be a tiny part of that process.