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News |  05 Aug 2021 12:21 |  By RnMTeam

ID&T Group sees no legal ground to continue current summary proceedings and calls on Dutch government to fully reopen in September

MUMBAI: The 'way out' as communicated by the Dutch government has always been the moment that everyone who wants to is fully vaccinated. This would mean that the sector that has been closed down for 1.5 years can be fully opened up again in September.

Following the OMT advice on events issued last week, the Dutch government announced on August 2 that unplaced events without an overnight stay with more than 750 visitors will not be permitted until September 1, based on the current situation regarding the number of COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations. In response, the lawyer assisting ID&T Group contacted the state attorney to request the OMT advice and the substantiation of the decision. Based on these documents, ID&T Group c.s. have been deliberating for the past few days and, after extensive consultations with the lawyer, it has become clear that the current summary proceedings cannot be continued.

Rosanne Janmaat, COO of the ID&T Group: "We are very disappointed with the outcome of the decision. In our opinion, Fieldlab events have shown that it is possible to organize events in a safe and responsible way. However, the government has decided otherwise. Despite that, our lawyers have indicated that, at this moment, given the OMT advice on which the decisions of the Cabinet are based, there is little chance of reversing the decision through summary proceedings."

The basis of the proposed summary proceedings was that the decision on July 9 was unlawful and negligent, because the Cabinet had not included the Fieldlab results in its decision-making. For this reason, ID&T Group wanted the decision annulled in whole or in part. Meanwhile, the Dutch government, together with the OMT, has provided additional justification. The government has thus, on paper, reversed its own negligence. Therefore, for a preliminary relief judge, there is hardly any room left to correct the government on this.

On August 13, the government will reconsider this decision.

"We assume that the government will soon take a principled and structural decision, and that we can fully reopen in September. After all, it has always been communicated by the Dutch government that the ‘way out’ would be when everyone who wants to be vaccinated has been able to do so. If the government lets us dangle again and does not offer a sustainable perspective for the future, we will prepare possible legal action and perhaps even call on our entire support base of fans, suppliers, artists etc. to mobilize and make themselves heard." said Rosanne Janmaat.