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News |  30 Jul 2021 14:08 |  By Namrata Kale

It's been a tough year, but for me I’ve been staying productive: Saahil

MUMBAI: Mumbai based singer Saahil’s music has always been about telling great stories, especially through his companion screen content. For the innovative and ground breaking Kohima, Saahil collaborated with Big Bang Music and co-directed the music video with Harmeet Rahal to bring his vision to life. With Kohima, Saahil Bhargava addresses the plethora of emotions - from panic to despair - of a combat soldier. Kohima is set during the infamous World War II battle in the northeast of India.

Curiously, Saahil’s Kohima is trending among video game fans worldwide. On YouTube, gamers flood Kohima’s comments section with love. Mostly, they marvel about the ways that the song effectively captures a serviceman’s journey. It’s a big win for any independent artist, and Saahil is exceptionally grateful.

In an exclusive interview with Saahil, he has spoken about his upcoming projects and more.

1. What are your upcoming projects? Any associations?

I have an EP that will be releasing in a month or so, and it will also feature an animated video. This one is very different from my previous releases (Mama and Kohima), but will have some stylistic similarities. More news on this coming soon.

2.  How are you taking care of your mental health amid the pandemic?

It’s been a tough year, but for me I’ve been staying productive. I actually wrote the song Kohima (along with two others on the upcoming EP) during the peak of lockdown in LA back in July 2020. Keeping myself focused and working has absolutely helped me take care of mental health. That and binging way too many shows.

3. Would you like to give a message to your audience?

I am very excited to release more music and videos, and hope to be playing live concerts for my audience soon. Stay tuned because I have lots more to come!