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News |  29 Jul 2021 13:51 |  By TOLIKA YEPTHO and NAMRATA KALE

Delhi based Abhishek Samadria has a different vision for electronic music in India

MUMBAI: Young and enthusiastic Delhi based Indie Artist, Abhishek Samadria started singing from a very young age, “Initially I wasn’t intended towards creating or making music. Over the years as I started traveling and experiencing life, I realised I needed to make music and get my experiences out into the world”.

The singer was keen to listen to all rebellious genres of music like Blues, Rock and Roll, funk which pushed and inspired him to get his own song into the world. He produced electronic music in the space of techno, cyber punk, synthwave, chillout, lofi, etc.

During the first years, the singer revealed it was “frustrating” as he was figuring himself to perfect every part but now, “I’m confident, I think I do pretty good in terms of connecting with my audience”. He believes in the philosophy of 'Be yourself, whoever that is', His music draws inspiration from endless true expressions and emotions people experience in everyday lives.

“I have always been fascinated by people who are keen to explore new genres of music, the repetitiveness does not excite me”. He takes his time to explore different genres, “I usually write my songs in Hindi, the kind of songs I indulge myself in are not really present in India as of now, people don’t usually listen to that kind”. So, his idea is to blend these genres and use it in the Indie folk audience, and so far, “I’m happy with the outcome. The next thing I’m looking forward to is to get into LIVE shows”.

Further talking about his upcoming projects, the singer revealed he has a pipe long of songs which are related to the current scenario, of how our mental health has been affected because of COVID.