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News |  28 Jul 2021 14:16 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Yunan dedicates 'Slay' to distant millennial couples

MUMBAI: After his big hit “Saath” Uday Sachdeva popularly known as Yunan promises to keep you entertained and give you a reason to groovy and dance with a catchy melody with his latest single “Slay” with gorgeous Krissann Barretto.

“Slay” is a commercial dance track with some slick Spanish vibes. “This track is a dedication to all the millennial couples who despite being locked down at home owing to the unfortunate pandemic outbreak, want to cherish every moment of togetherness in a special way in these trying times”.

Excited about the release, the singer shared that “Slay” was a very impromptu decision. He was sitting in the studio one day and started randomly scripting lyrics inspired by the saying of 'couples who stay together slay together', and then he just conjured up the title of the track. The message he wanted to promote to all the couples out there is that “you don't need to care about petty things like how you look or how your dress or how much money you make. You can stay together if you are madly and truly in love”. The pandemic taught Yunan how superficial all these societal notions really are and the only thing that really matters is unconditional love, kindness and compassion.

Watch here:

Yunan’s journey has been quite a learning curve. “I’m grateful that I have platforms like Kalamkaar and Sony Music India to market my music when there is new talent cropping up by the minute in the music market. I’ve always been an avid fan of experimentation since my debut. I always enjoy exploring newer soundscapes and untapped genres. Someday I will be the Justin Bieber of Hindi pop!”.

The singer feels 2021 is a repeat of 2020. Everyday feels just the same because he is couped up at home doing the same things since the past 1.5 years. “The 'eat, sleep, rave, repeat' mode is what I’ve been embracing when it comes to my music throughout the pandemic. My recreation is limited to skateboarding sessions in my building compound and yes, I’ve developed a new hobby of reading”.

He is currently working on a debut EP which will feature young upcoming pop artists from different regions of India.