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News |  24 Jul 2021 15:38 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Shilpa Rao, Yaseer Desai expresses themselves by recreating iconic 90's music

MUMBAI: Grammy nominee Shilpa Rao recreated 2 different iconic songs from Aashiqui album, 'Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi' and 'Nazar Ke Samne', along with Yaseer Desai for T-Series Mixtape Rewind.

Recreating songs is a tough one, “There is a certain attachment that people have with it, again you have your own sensibility that you are expressing yourself with these songs. It was fun to try something different and collaborate with another artist. I really hope people love what we have done and we are really looking forward to this space”.

She heard Yaseer Desai’s voice as they were working on this project, besides that they hadn't met before. “It was so much fun and it felt as if I knew him from before and he is a very chill guy and extremely down to earth and a very simple guy. I wish him all the best with his work and with his music career. The one thing we bonded over was our black coffee and I offered him the Black coffee which I had made on sets, he is a coffee lover too for sure”.

Excited about her upcoming movie song with AR Rahman, she revealed that she got a call for recording their latest released song 'Phuljhadiyon'. “It was fun recording at his studio and we recorded multiple fun takes because this is a very bright kind of a song. As a woman, you connect with this song Phuljhadiyon, as it talks about what a woman goes through on this journey of becoming a mom”. She feels it's high time women start talking about it, because we never knew what our mothers went through during the process of giving birth. The transition and fluctuations that your body goes through. This song addresses that and perfectly takes us through this journey of birth giving. Shilpa dedicates this song to all the women out there.