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News |  11 May 2021 13:33 |  By RnMTeam

Pratika and PrabhuNeigh’s Upcoming Single 'Survival'

MUMBAI: Singer/rapper Pratika and producer PrabhuNeigh release their new single Survival on 21st May 2021. The song is introspective, and talks about the duality of our existence as individuals who find comfort in our selfish ways, but still question the forces that govern us.

Survival speaks about how we sink into our daily lives, and how each man is for himself. In an ever-changing developing world, our minds still haven’t managed to strike a balance between what we stand for morally, and how we let ourselves be controlled by forces that exist in our socio-political environment. We are continuously fighting with ourselves, and betrayal for our own selfish needs is normalised but seldom spoken about. Being part of a system we cannot evade makes us feel safe, without having to struggle or look out for the world around us. This ‘bubble’ keeps us secure and free of worry, but inside we are raging. Finding solace in the life we live is often chosen, over trying to be good human beings or seeking justice for how control influences our patterns. We do it all just for survival, and it’s difficult for us to live independently of this, because it’s too late.

The siblings Pratika and Pritesh Prabhune (PrabhuNeigh) are releasing a single after their last one Labels as hip hop collective Won Tribe, which also features Mumbai-based rapper and artist Krantinaari. The artwork for Survival is also done by her under the name Boldstroke.pdf.