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News |  08 May 2021 11:48 |  By RnMTeam

Samuel Organ drops his highly anticipated album 'A Safe Place in Cyberspace'

MUMBAI: Composer and multi-instrumentalist Samuel Organ has released his new album ‘A Safe Place In Cyberspace’, featuring collaborations with BABii, Dazey, Slugabed, Cole Longanecker and Colossal Squid.

Samuel’s new music is rooted within the realms of electronic sounds, but his taste for classical composition and experimental jazz can be found as you turn the corners through the track listing. If you get a sense for where you feel the music is taking you, you can also find equal weight in its counterpart. At moments throughout the album you’ll be deep in abrasive club focused dance music, only to be expeditiously taken to an empty room within the clubs confines, where Samuel sits at an upright piano.

Discussing the new album, Samuel explains: "This is the record I’ve dreamt of making for years now. A polarising trip that wanders between the ethereal and the turbulent. An experience that lulls the listener into a stasis, before reminding them that everything is probably not as it once seemed in this safe place". He continues to explain that "much of my group and solo work up until this point can be characterised by being quite highly conceptual - whereas creating this body of work felt very much about going through quite a symbolic process of honesty with myself. That polarising sonic landscape represents figures in my life and elements of the past, and I’ve reached a point where I feel confident enough to present myself and my music in this way as it’s the truest connection to me I can offer the listener. The boundaries of the diverse sonic landscape are pushed further by collaborations with people that truly inspire me creatively".

'A Safe Place In Cyberspace' includes features from acclaimed visual and sound artists like BABii, and drummer Adam Betts, praised for his work with the likes of Squarepusher and Jarvis Cocker. "When asked who truly inspires me, I never even consider figureheads within popular music and widely celebrated artists - I think of my friends and creators within the circles I feel lucky enough to find myself within." - Samuel Organ

About Samuel Organ:

Since being exposed to a world of creative possibility as a young child, Samuel has developed a special relationship with music. His mother working in London’s West-End under Andrew Lloyd-Webber, and his father as a production manager (touring with Kanye West, Genesis and Lady Gaga), meant that the allure of the creatives industries manifested quickly as he was exposed to a constant stream of intriguing people and situations.

In the years preceding leaving university in Brighton, and completing his music degree before he turned 19, he has worked to embed himself within a sonic and artistic landscape characterised by a lack of boundaries. His talent has been recognised by a diverse range of artists, whether it's being recruited to work with artists like Mr. Jukes, Iglooghost, Jetta, Kai Whiston and Bayonne, or picking up fans like Mike Posner, Caroline Polachek and How To Dress Well.

Samuel is also a founding member of the experimental jazz group, The Physics House Band - whose work has included collaborations with Stewart Lee, as well as many tours and notable performances worldwide alongside artists like Alt-J, Django Django, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Jaga Jazzist. The group have received high praise and support from The Guardian, The Independent, The Sunday Times, NPR, BBC Radio and Antony Fantano.