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News |  24 Apr 2021 15:32 |  By RnMTeam

Kehlani: I finally know I'm a lesbian

MUMBAI: American singer-songwriter Kehlani said finally knows what her sexuality is, and confirms that she is a lesbian.

"I am gay, gay, gay. I finally know I'm a lesbian," the 25-year-old singer confirmed in a new TikTok post.

Her family replied: "We know, duh."

The singer earlier had said that she feels both masculine and feminine. "I feel more masculine when I am in my stillness and I'm grounded in a quiet, contemplative mode. I feel most feminine when I'm being the mother of my house," she said, according to a report in

"I also feel my femininity when I take time for self-care -- when I take really beautiful baths where I throw some flowers in and I do a hair mask and take time oiling my body in the mirror and saying how beautiful I feel," she added.

"My femininity makes me feel soft and gentle and tender and careful in a different way than my masculinity makes me feel. I'm trying not to let it fall into the gender norms of feminine and masculine, but for me it does a tiny bit. But I also am very fluid in both of those settings," she said.

(Source: IANS)