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News |  24 Apr 2021 19:50 |  By RnMTeam

Fink shares re-imagination of hit song "Warm Shadow (IIUII)"

MUMBAI: Fink, (real name Fin Greenall) announces 'IIUII' (It Isn’t Until It Is) - a re-recorded acoustic album of Fink's best songs, due out on 20th August 2021, via R’COUP’D. His new single previewing the album,"Warm Shadow (IIUII)" , is out now.

An intimate plea urgently delivered with driving guitar and voice, building irresistibly with keyboard and percussion, 'IIUII' is essentially a re-imagining, a reminiscence and a unique take on the "best of" format, with the band re-recording twelve of Fink's pivotal tracks from 2006 to 2016.

To re-record those songs with the maturity that Fin and his band members have achieved is about viewing the past through the lessons it has taught, not just remastering and repeating it. This was a chance to listen back through all the records, appreciate them for what they are, separate from the usual demands of which songs work on stage – and then give each song the treatment it deserves.

Fink shares the re-imagining of the album as, "that whole arc, from my bedroom to having a proper hit, playing the big festival stages with big production, and all the rest." After heavy band touring for three years, Fink did a solo acoustic tour which took him full circle back to the simplicity of those early days - and making an album that reflected this seemed a beautiful way to tie the whole story together.

"Warm Shadow was for years the perfect set opener - driving, percussive but vibey at the same time - it allowed us all to get our eye in for the show - and to start the night right - it's one of those tracks we can play in our sleep - and one of the few tracks that just never gets tired - if anything, we love it more the longer we play it - and at festivals it would regularly exceed 10 minutes once we got it going!"

Fink is an enthusiast. Rather more so than you might expect, in fact, from someone with more than ten albums under their belt. Having lived a life and a half of hard graft and hard gigging in electronic, acoustic and even pop music already - that enthusiasm bubbles like someone half his age discovering the buzz of musical and cultural engagement for the first time. Fink's home-recorded 'Sort of Revolution' was "the break even album" in 2009, followed by 2011's 'Perfect Darkness'. Since then, the band has garnered a solid fanbase worldwide, playing at venues and festivals of their choice. Apart from that, Fink has co-written on records with the likes of John Legend, and the occasional excursion into dub or techno to keep things interesting.

Fink's album 'IIUII' is out on 20th August via R’COUP’D, with new single "Warm Shadow (IIUII)" out now.