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News |  25 Apr 2021 12:44 |  By RnMTeam

Siddhant Bansal’s newly released soulful song “Main Kya Kahun”

MUMBAI: Main Kya Kahun is Siddhant Bansal’s latest romantic single. This soulful rendition explores the immense pain of heartbreak – the vulnerability, insecurity and betrayal it often brings in its wake. It is the universal story of unrequited love that everyone can relate to in one way or another.

Siddhant Bansal from Mumbai unabashedly claims he’s not from a Music background but pursued his passion after receiving recognition and rewards in this field, as a student at Manipal University in Jaipur. The absence of professional training did not get in the way due to his skilled, self-taught mastery of instruments such as keyboard, guitar and drums. Now, with over 50 successful covers and 5 original compositions to his name, he is thankful for the great support he has received from loved ones and his fans as well as his self-belief, that helped him achieve great heights.

The pandemic gave Siddhant plenty of time to retrospect. He looked inward and used his raw feelings to finish two songs, of which Main Kya Kahun is one. Everything just fell in place! Along with the completion of the song - Siddhant happened to connect with Sid Paul again. Both of them got connected through a mutual friend two years ago and they collaborated for the first time for this song! He sincerely believes the latter’s contribution as the Music Producer, added more beauty to it. According to him, collaborations with other artists elevate the work, helping to create music that makes a strong mark.

Closing it with a beautiful ending proved a monumental task for Siddhant, who says, “it took me 1 year 5 months to find the perfect ending for the song. Just as with love stories, I was waiting for something magical to happen that would help me find closure and finish the song. I believe if something doesn't come to you, then you should go looking for it! After all, everything happens for a reason, and for your own good - Hona Tha Jo, Hua Hai Wahi!" Main Kya Kahun’s soft sound and lyrics replete with deep meaning will resonate with people across the board. Some love stories are meant to be short-lived, no matter how hard one tries to keep them alive. A toxic relationship has the potential to destroy one from within, as it leaves people clinging on to the hope that it will work out eventually. This song expresses the deep feelings that one hides away, unable to put them in words. Ultimately, the biggest lesson in life is that you must find closure yourself and learn to move on by overcoming your fear of loving again. For many, this acceptance of heartbreak and their love having been failed, is the hardest bridge to cross. They continue to live in denial or hope for some miracle to happen, for years on end.

Through his moving new song, Siddhant hopes to pass on this message to all the souls tortured in love, “Never fear falling in love again just because of one failed love story! Many souls are waiting to match with yours. Maybe your future lover is in the same phase as yours or randomly listening to this song from some corner of the world. The world is small and we have only one life to live. Go explore and trust me, nothing other than pleasant surprises await you!”