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News |  12 Apr 2021 21:32 |  By RnMTeam

A.R. Rahman along with his 99 Songs cast and crew reminisce, on Twitter Spaces, how and why they chose EhanBhat for the lead actor's role on the movie!

MUMBAI: From fun chats to indulgent banter, people from across the country find themselves on Twitter to delight in all types of conversations. People also engage in and with communities on the service to have dialogues about everything that sparks their interest – from films, music, photography, art and so much more!

With Twitter’s latest feature, Spaces, the service has witnessed an even bigger momentum in tête-à-têtes and discussions among netizens. After prolific writer Amitav Ghosh, it was legendary singer-composer A. R. Rahman (@arrahman) who set the stage on Twitter Spaces to interact with fans and audiences about his upcoming movie 99 Songs.

While he expressed his love for music and how the movie came to be, Rahman also revealed how he and the crew embarked on their quest for the right actor for 99 songs and eventually landed Ehan for the role, “We wanted somebody who could play beautifully, who could sing. We wanted the sky. And, of course, for that you need to give time. And music doesn't come easily. It’s like penance. So there are amazing actors who would have been nice but then we thought will they have that little bit of experience to learn music and will they have the time to do that. So we felt like it'd be better to get a new cast altogether where we can nurture someone, and we went through almost 750 to 800 auditions and we found Ehan in the process.

He further added how Ehan became part of the 99 songs journey and the work they all, including Ehan put in to take this role up, “We had to change the beginning a bit because initially it was supposed to be a 20-year-old Beatles fan with round glasses and big hair. But then the moment we saw Ehan, we found him and I looked at him, and I could envision him, after the movie, acting in bigger movies, maybe even in an English movie. We took the decision to nurture him and prep him for this role. So, we sent him to Hollywood to learn a bit of acting; he was also in KM Music Conservatory for a year and so, that’s been the journey and I feel good about it. He worked on it.”

Spaces, Twitter’s newest feature brings the timeline to life by connecting people who want to talk about the same things in an intimate live audio environment. Within a Space, people can learn, share, and own their interests, without hesitation. Whether it’s who’s speaking or the topic of conversation, Spaces puts the host in control, who can also invite other people to speak and join the conversation. With Spaces, people can have open conversations with the authenticity and nuance only the human voice can bring. Fans too can enjoy shared experiences with their favourite talents.