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News |  10 Apr 2021 13:55 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Mona Patel's 'Take Me Home' draws out younger energies

MUMBAI: Australian singer-songwriter Mona Patel drops a Pop/EDM track 'Take Me Home'. It's an enjoyable club track co-written by Mona Patel with her Music Producer Michael Le Donne.

The new track follows the extraordinary response to Mona’s debut 'Hold Me Like You Mean It', which attracted thousands of hits on YouTube and received generous online support. Her recent Valentine's release pop track ‘Dream Guy’ was written after she ended a serious relationship, finding herself single once again, frustrated and seemingly back to square one. Her previous single 'Delusional’ was in collaboration with EMI Australia producer Byron Keno.

Watch here:

Sharing her most special memory of ‘Take me home’ “writing the track and making the creative vision for it come to life”. It was drawing on her younger energies so it hasn’t come from any specific experience but just the experience of her reminiscing on her early twenties while writing the track was a lot of fun for her.

The songwriter believes her inspiration for her music comes through her very own life experiences. She feels if everybody was given the chance or the platform or a voice, they would too have something to say. She is lucky to express myself through her music, that in itself is good inspiration and motivation enough to continue to create more songs.

Further, the Australian singer said she has fallen in love with singing and music since she was very young, around 7 or 8 years old. But it wasn’t until her mid-twenties when she started posting a few covers for fun on her social media and YouTube. “What occurred as a long-time hobby and passion of mine, suddenly allowed me to reach new people by just doing what I loved, hence why I started considering pursuing music more professionally. Since I started writing my original songs, it was such a rewarding and enjoyable experience for me, finally, there was no turning back”.

The singer's focus for the next few months is to complete recording 5 songs for her debut album and film a professional music video, which she has never done before.