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News |  02 Apr 2021 15:12 |  By Tolika Yeptho

MJ5 relaunched as boy band as "India lacks a strong boy band culture"

MUMBAI: Dance group MJ5 debuts into the world of music with their debut track "Bawaal" and relaunching as a boy band, composed by Dixant Shaurya and Nitish R Kumar in association with One Digital Entertainment.

The group first met at Delhi University dance competitions as we all possessed a similar dancing style. More recently they decided to foray into music with an aim of spreading happiness and positivity. Their main aim has always been to entertain people through their form of art and this time they wanted to touch upon milestones that transcend the limitations of age, color, creed and race.

Sharing the most special memory of the song “Bawaal”, “During our first official take we were very nervous yet excited. Having the director shout from the hot seat ‘that’s a perfect shot’ and then we got slightly relaxed”.

“India lacks a strong boy band culture which aspires to re-introduce into the music world. Why should just global boy bands have sold out stadium shows, isn’t it time India is on the world map? There isn’t a dearth of musical talent when it comes to India, we just need to be more focussed and garner support from all stakeholders of the community. MJ5 will someday host the world’s biggest concert!”

Balancing dancing and singing at the same time, the band said, “Well Jackson 5, Backstreet Boys and BTS also managed to pull off both and no one seemed to doubt them”. It’s in their DNA to put on a 360 degree show and produce a wholesome entertaining live show. Dancing and singing are birds of the same feather and complement one another really well and it’s really an art that we are good at.


Are you giving up dancing? 

Never. It was and will always be our first love. We are just taking things a notch higher

Are you changing the group name?

We have not given it a thought yet.

What does MJ5 mean?

Unfortunately, a lot of people till date mistake MJ5 as some sort of Michael Jackson acronym. Yes, Michael Jackson was an artistic inspiration for us but MJ5 actually means Mango Juice 5

Target for 2021.

We are going to be putting out more music and exploring some global collaborations.