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News |  30 Mar 2021 13:20 |  By RnMTeam

Singer and vocalist Jashan Bhumkar has come up with new song “Rangi Sari Gulabi Chunariya” on the occasion of Holi

MUMBAI: Vocalist Jashan Bhumkar's new song ‘Rangi Sari Gulabi Chunariya’ crosses more than 1 Million views in 15 hours!

Jashan Bhumkar's new song is on Holi festival. “Rangi Sari Gulabi Chunariya this track is very modern and sure it will appeal to people of all generations. He has come up with an interpretation of the semi-classical composition, from the Thumri/Dadra genre in his own style.

The video shows a very cute, modern-day love story centred around the festival. One can expect an upbeat and happy yet soothing melody, along with a romantic video with beautiful visuals of colour.

“It would not be wrong to say that Holi is the most loved festival in Indian music. Since thousands of years, various genres of Indian classical and semi-classical music, and in recent times even Bollywood, have composed beautiful songs on the festival, particularly the mood of romance it brings with it. I have sung my own version of a very traditional and celebrated semi-classical composition, from the Thumri/Dadra genre” Jashan Bhumkar