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News |  27 Mar 2021 18:28 |  By RnMTeam

Chrissy Teigen spills John Legend and her adventurous sex stories

MUMBAI: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend certainly know how to make memories when visiting a Los Angeles-area hotspot.

MUMBAI: The 35-year-old model was a guest on The Late Late Show on Thursday, March 25, where she joined host James Corden in a round of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts." During the bit that involves answering probing questions or eating something gross, James asked her to name the "strangest place" that she and her husband "have ever been intimate with each other."

Chrissy, who is generally known as quite the open book, had no problem listing any number of locations where the couple, who wed in 2013, have gotten, uh, better acquainted.

"We had some fun days," she recalled with a smile. She then explained there was something she needed to clear up involving Barack and Michelle Obama. Take it away, Chrissy.

"Because one time, at the Grammys, I had said that we had sex at 'that Obama thing,' and that came out wrong," the star shared. "Because what I actually meant was, it was 'that Obama thing,' but it wasn't with them or near them."

She went on to say "it was the DNC, actually." The cookbook author explained that the couple had gotten frisky in a bathroom and that it was "a while ago."

But Chrissy wasn't done yet and quipped, "I could fire these off, if you want." At that, she mentioned the upscale West Hollywood clothing store Fred Segal, which caught James by surprise.

"Fred Segal!" he exclaimed. "No! Oh, my god."

"Yeah, right in front of the juice bar," Chrissy continued.

Fred Segal is an apparel destination and tourist attraction that opened its flagship shop on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles back in 1961 before moving to a West Hollywood storefront on Sunset Blvd. in 2017. Chrissy didn't specify which location was the one that did it for them.

And if you thought Chrissy was done reminiscing, well, think again. She went on to describe the time that she and John joined the Mile-High Club.

"On a plane-not even private, James," she divulged. "Public!"

And here we thought that the most exciting part about going shopping for clothes was the feeling you get when you try on a bunch of stuff, and then an employee just magically shows up and puts it all away for you.