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News |  23 Mar 2021 13:40 |  By RnMTeam

Frequency Time Space's Nuke, Specter and Zero Chill release EP 'Nukye, There's a Ghost In the Room!'

MUMBAI: Nukye, There’s A Ghost In The Room! is a breakthrough project by Frequency Time Space (FTS) members Nuke, Specter and Zero Chill. The EP has the rap duo playing their penmanship to the ultimate with deft punchlines, notable hooks and choruses, backed by one-of-a-kind production by Zero Chill. The project throws light on their ambitions and thoughts, being fashionable with wordplay and lyrical exercises that sets the tone for the EP. Both Nuke and Specter complement each other while creating a narrative intertwining pop culture references with their share of witty stories as they glide through the six-track release.

Songs like Samurai Jack, Ricky Lafleur and Georgia O'Keeffeshow off the extent of their lyricism and production, unimaginable voice notes, sampled beats topped with triplet flows and punchlines. The cutting-edge production on the EP is a sound unique to Zero Chill, also independent hip hop label Azadi Records’ most recent signee. With features from artists such as FTS members Tienas, RaySon4 7, and Quest, and singer/rapper Pratika, the EP is a breath of fresh air as an English hip hop release in India.  

Nuke Says

The project is a saviour for me. It was the only thing that kept me thinking apart from the pandemic during our first quarantine. This project really solidified my urge to write in English again after making songs in Hindi for a while. Whatever came through my lyrics really just aligned with the situation and instances happening at the time, and I did not have to really push myself hard while writing. Working with Specter and Zero Chill really drove me to give my best, and go through the back and forth of the whole process. The entire FTS gang really peaked and made this EP come true. It’s so beautiful that even my words couldn't put it together.

Specter Says

Nukye, There’s A Ghost In The Room! was initially an idea that sparked in one of the best corners of my brain, during which I sent a demo of Kazumi to Nuke to which he replied “fml” (F**k my life). It happened at a time when I wasn’t really ready to drop a body of work, and that feeling just kept withering as Nuke and I kept working on songs like Samurai Jack and Det.Mike Lowrey. It just kept getting better and better as Robin (Zero Chill) came through with the best beats, literally something someone would kill to rap on! The features were unexpected and happened as this EP progressed. The best part for me is that I randomly chose Nuke to start off with an EP (probably the love-hate bond), and it turned out to be one of the best things during the Covid lockdown for me. My boys (FTS), and many other people helped me through these tough times, aiding me to bring this EP to life. This project is all about the reality that I live in or was living in, all that was going on in my head, and everything that I’ve lived through so far. Above all, it also makes an attempt to establish the FTS gang and myself beyond the existing ‘scene’.

Nukye, There’s A Ghost In The Room! - Track List

01 Kazumi

02 Samurai Jack

03 Det.Mike Lowrey

04 Ricky LaFleur

05 Georgia O'Keeffe

06 Malcolm James