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News |  08 Mar 2021 15:56 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Nikitaa says women deserves to be celebrated and treated as equals

MUMBAI: On Women's Day, we talk about celebrating women power and empowering women too. But is that enough? Well not for Singer Nikitaa as she feels a day is not really enough to celebrate Women’s Day.

She expresses on how women should be treated equally and elaborates on this issue. “

"As long as we live in a world where all those of us who aren’t men have to justify or prove that we deserve to be celebrated and treated as equals, a single day of recognition won’t be enough, " shares Nikitaa

In her opinion, the biggest issue women (and really all those who don’t identify as men) face today is not being accepted in our wholeness, our multidimensionality. We live in a world where a woman’s value and significance is still determined by her contribution, as opposed to being valued and considered significant because of her very existence. “I think this is such a big issue that we - as women - have fallen for this kind of thinking as well. And I believe that to realize as women that we are significant simply because we exist, and to remember that while unlearning the rest is a pretty powerful place to start," she adds.