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News |  27 Jan 2021 18:24 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Nikhil D'souza is the humblest artist we have ever come across: Archit & Smit

MUMBAI: Composers Archit and Smit drop their third original independent song “Pal”, collaborated with Nikhil D’souza, where they wanted to express a lesson they learnt over the last few years. The song was written by Archit & Smit and Shweta Shah.

“Life is all about the moments you have lived, the memories you have made and the people you have loved. With this song we celebrate those moments, which have all our ecstatic memories, encaged within hearts, forever”.

Watch here:

It was their friend Abhiruchi Singh who mailed their song's first scratch version to him, when he agreed to meet them to further discuss the song. And within a week of it, they had Nikhil D'Souza at their studio, singing their song. “He is the humblest artist we have ever come across. We are glad we got to know him in person because of this opportunity”, shared the young composers.

Archit and Smit first met at their Junior college where Smit was Archit's senior way back in 2013. And then again, they were in the same college during their “It was in early 2016 when Archit was working on a devotional album which in its later stage, he offered me to co-produce it with him. It was during that time we composed and co-wrote "Door" and started programming & producing songs for other independent singer-songwriters”, adds Smit. And ever since they've been working together. Just a year ago they launched their own studio space in Malad by the name “P Cube Studios”. “The goal behind that was to build a community of young artists from different art streams to come together and build better creative and collaborative opportunities”.

Currently, they are working on 3 projects from 3 different genres right now and are in double minds about the next release. They want to further explore their musical capabilities to their maximum potential with every release.