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News |  25 Jan 2021 19:55 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Rahul Rajkhowa on a new project with UNICEF: 'Saving the Planet' targets those who litter public spaces

MUMBAI: Singer-songwriter Rahul Rajkhowa whose music addresses issues ranging from LGBTQ rights in India, religious violence, violence against women, CAA, felling of trees for open coal mining, curbing of waste to protecting the hill stations of the North east and the devastating Assam Floods among the others. He recently released a new song and teamed up with UNICEF India to campaign for climate change.

Excited about the new campaign with UNICEF India, “This campaign and this song aim at making people aware of the problems that India and the world have with deforestation and waste disposal. It also singles out and targets those who litter public spaces and do nothing about keeping their surroundings clean”.

Watch here:

The school that he was teaching in Mumbai is close to Haji Ali, so every day he would sit by Arabian sea and write songs. “I was honestly surprised to see so many people come with their waste bags and just hurl it into the sea. Can you imagine educated people in South Mumbai just noticing all of this and not saying a word? I would be picking up trash every day on my way back from work and educating people”.

He has been travelling around the country for shows and music video shoots for a while now and it hurts him to see some of the most pristine locations littered by tourists. Especially the beautiful hills of Meghalaya, Sikkim and Uttarakhand. “Some of these places were untouched for several years but with the recent boom in tourism, these destinations have been attracting a lot of tourists”.

The singer can’t help but feel terrible when he sees plastic bottles, chips packets next to a crystal-clear waterfall or a viewpoint of the lush green mountains. “Our generation and the ones after deserve clean hill stations! They deserve a clean environment. Imagine open garbage dumps wherever they go!”, he adds.

Apart from music Rahul is also being recognised as a Youth ambassador for peace between India and Pakistan by CNN IBN 2017 and also a Youth Ambassador by Twitter India.

“No god ever taught to hate” about mob violence is the closest to the singer. The song is really special to him because he has been a victim of mob violence and that song is him dealing with his trauma through music and putting a beautiful song out there. “It’s one of my favourite songs out of all the ones I’ve written”.

Further unveiling about his upcoming project, “A cleanliness drive with my NGO in the hills of Meghalaya is first on the cards. I will be releasing my first Hindi Rnb/Pop album this year. I’m confident that sonically it will be one of the best albums this country has heard yet. It is catchy, fresh, innovative and going to play in your heads long after you are done with the song”.