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News |  20 Jan 2021 18:44 |  By Namrata Kale

Asha Bhosle's grandson on the learnings he has received from the legend

Chin2 Bhosle, a musician and Guru, Educationist at Furtados school of music who was a part of  India's first and only boy band - A Band of Boys that have given some  evergreen hits like 'Meri Neend' and 'Gori'. His performances over the last 15 years include his grandmom Asha Bhosle performing on the best stages that this country and the world has to offer. Now Chin2 Bhosle would be representing India on an international platform NAMMS where 12 countries would be participating. He will be an Indian representative from Furtados school of music who would be performing there. To know a bit more into detail we got in touch with Chin2 Bhosle. Check out his inputs below.

You would be representing India at NAMMS. How does that make you feel?

It’s an absolute honour to not just perform for a world audience, from and for India, but also to play independent music to people who appreciate and look forward to hearing what each country of the world has to offer. The responsibility is awesome and the thrill is real – not so much nervousness (as being a seasoned performer and performing to a 20k strong live audience is not difficult) but the anticipation to do something new and reach a whole new audience! Very exciting!

Stating your Asha Bhosle Ji's grandson, what role has the legend played in your life?

Aai has been a permanent source of inspiration for me. Her daily zest, passion and dedication to her art is something that I often wish I could capture on camera so that the whole world can see what I see. It would be very difficult to not be touched by how she attacks everything she is passionate about – be it music, teaching, recording or for that matter cooking too! A lot of my teaching and music values have come from her and through the Furtados School of Music, we pass it down to as many students as possible. Small but important things such as –
passion for the subject – how to develop it and approach it practically, not just as theory that needs to be learned or by-hearted. Or little tips like – using your real voice, how not to overstress it – eg. Very importantly, speak at a comfortable level in your regular life. And many many more little things . . .

What are the learnings you have received from Asha ji?

Live your life with you head held high. Respect commands respect! Do lots of things that you are passionate about for nowhere it is written that you must restrict yourself to one thing.

You are carrying a legacy ahead where a million people are a fan of your family's music. What is the direction you want to take this legacy ahead?

If there’s one thing I’m acutely aware about, it is this – there’s only 1 Asha Bhosle and she is the bearer of her legacy! I don’t come anywhere close to it and even if I tried, it would be a great disservice to all that she’s done – so I don’t every try!! My contribution to music, through her, is to take it forward. To help as many of the young learner fall in love with the subject and have an beautiful relationship with it for however long they can. Music heals...Music bonds. And music is one the best companions you can have for life. My endeavour is to set the young learner on this journey and with the Furtados School of Music, we are doing just that. As an artist, I’m happy to have made my mark with my band – A Band of Boys and as a solo artist too.

How are you going to inspire the youth?

I believe inspiration comes from deeds and actions. Not from speech or giving gyaan. Let people watch you and if through your behaviour or work they’re inspired, that’s the best way to influence someone. My work is my music. And through my music and art, it would be really awesome to touch a life positively! That’s not what I strive for but it’s a great side-effect. So through my songs, my teaching and curriculum and my performances, if I can heal or inspire, I die a happy man (or artist)!

What are your upcoming plans and projects?

A lot of my time is currently focussed on teaching and curriculum writing. With the Furtados School of Music, we’ve launched a fabulous curriculum for the Indian Vocal student which teaches them not just how to sing but how to write songs, read notations (such that they can jam with musicians from around the world), sing in harmonies, play chords and accompany themselves, learn more about the parts of a song and lots more practical and real world stuff. As a part of A Band of Boys, we’re constantly writing more songs and releasing them. And as a solo artist, I’m not just writing my own songs but also working on a collaboration with Aai (Ashaji) that should be very interesting and perhaps ‘record breaking’. And before you ask, more on that when it happens!

Chin2 Bhosle has also performed for various TV shows and live televised concerts (Sa re ga ma pa, Indian Idol, Femina Ms. India, Indian Telly Awards, etc.) and has been doing shows for corporates (Reliance, Airtel, Glenmark Pharma, etc.), weddings and private parties too (Diwali, New Years, etc.)