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News |  12 Jan 2021 14:03 |  By RnMTeam

Vh1 Turns 16: Five breakthrough artists who credit the music channel to be their early inspiration

MUMBAI: With a legacy spanning more than 16 years, Vh1 has always been at the forefront of pop culture, acquainting audiences with the creme de la creme of instrumental music worldwide. From streaming chart-topping hits that gets listeners grooving, to airing the greatest award shows of all time, the channel has played a crucial role in transforming the way Indian audiences listen to music. In addition to introducing us to the best in international music, Vh1 has also served as an inspiration to several prominent homegrown artists who have being acclaimed internationally and gotten us proud by featuring across the global charts.

Reminiscing the decades long impact of the outstanding music channel on their 16th anniversary, we take a look at the influential role Vh1 played during the infancy of popular musician’s careers, leading to them becoming some of the most sought after names in the industry.

1.    Ritviz

The EDM sensation shot to fame post impressing judges at the Bacardi House Party sessions with his hit track Udd Gaye. He is renowned for seamlessly blending elements of Indian classical with notes of electronica and pop. He praises his mom for familiarised him with classical music at a young age, given her expertise as a trained Indian classical singer. He credits Vh1 for its Top 40 charts, which introduced him to pop music during his teenage years, helping him fine tune his signature electronic fusion style of creation.

1.    Zaedan

One of the youngest DJs in the country, the multi-talented Zaedan gained popularity with his stellar remixes of hit EDM tracks from across the world. Proficient at playing the piano and tabla at a young age, the DJ ventured into the world of electronica by teaching himself through videos online. He scored a big break by performing live at the Vh1 Supersonic Music Festival in 2018, from where he went on to bag a coveted spot at Tomorrowland in Belgium.

1.    Prateek Kuhad

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\Who doesn’t love Prateek Kuhad’s emotional ballads that are powerful enough to transport you to a whole new world? The indie singer has struck a nerve with listeners across the country, moved by his vulnerable displays of love and heartbreak. A true 90’s kid, he grew up listening to acoustic sensations Bob Dylan and John Mayer. Vh1 exposed him to the world of British and American music, which played a key role in shaping his song writing process. With songs like cold / mess, which made to Obama’s list of favourites, its safe to say the musician is well on his way to superstardom!

Siri Narayan

Be it her killer dance moves or her skilful rapping in multiple languages, Siri Narayan is a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop world. She began her career with performances at college events, eventually grabbing eyeballs for her electronic collaboration with women lead entertainment channel, Girliyapa. She was recently nominated for “Best Indian Act” at the Europe Music Awards, a commendable feat made possible thanks to Vh1, who put her on the map with her track My Jam.

Madame Gandhi

Tackling hard-hitting topics like feminism, queer identity and menstrual equity to name a few, Madame Gandhi is using her talent for good cause. The electronica expert has poured in her heart and soul to create a unique voice for herself as an artist. While her work can be polarising, she praises mainstream channels like Vh1 for providing her with a platform to diversify and spread the word about her political messaging to a much larger audience.