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News |  12 Jan 2021 18:55 |  By Namrata Kale

Ghazal song 'Rangreza' gives a message to have faith in the almighty: Kumar Atul

MUMBAI: Coming from corporate Background, Kumar Atul has spent major part of his professional life in India, Singapore, UK, Chicago. While travelling all over the world and working at crazy corporate jobs, Kumar Atul has always managed to preserve his love for poetry and singing. Recently, a sufi ghazal called Rangreza written by him and sung by Abhijit Ghoshal was released by Hungama Artist Aloud. Kumar has spoken briefly about it with us.

Backed by meaningful lyrics and a soothing melody, Rangreza is immensely philosophical in nature for it delves into the cycle of happiness and sadness.

"This Ghazal gives a message to have faith in the almighty. In all kinds of situation, good or bad, pleasure or pain, he is there to solve everything and protect you, first he gives the pain to test you then he gives the solution to you," said Atul.

He went onto expressing what Rangreza means to him.

"Rangreza is very special to me in many ways, at the time of the pandemic, everyone was getting impacted by one way or the other, and everyone was started to question to god that why he is doing all this Then this thought came to my mind that, no need to complain to god, have faith on him, he is the one who gives a problem and then later solves it for you. Emotions like happiness, sadness, pleasure and pain are a ongoing cycle. You should not feel bad when you are in pain, instead trust that God will fix everything," added Atul.

Kumar also went onto thanking his mentor Abhijit Ghoshal, who immediately agreed to compose and sing this ghazal for him.

Further he has narrated the experience penning down lyrics for Rangreza.

"The experience was divine, when I started writing Rangreza, a thought that came spontaneously to my mind and my passion for various languages, Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi, and knowledge about mythology and spiritualism help me to write the concept of pleasure and pain," expressed Kumar Atul who belongs to the religion of music and has woven magic of Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and English.

Trained singer and a soulful lyricist Kumar Atul, pens soulful Ghazals, thought-provoking Nazms, and peppy pop songs. He is currently working on many projects and is getting associated with some of the top labels in Indian music industry, as a singer and composer.