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News |  04 Jan 2021 13:52 |  By RnMTeam

Sona Mohapatra: Look forward to audiences separating wheat from the chaff

MUMBAI: Singer Sona Mohapatra hopes the culture of worshipping PR-built celebrities is shunned in 2021, with the audience rewarding genuine talent.

"What I most look forward to in this year is the celebration of music, art, genuine artistry & above all the virtue of kindness. The year gone by has shown us that in the context of my industry, our current culture of worshipping at the altar of PR built celebrity, and success attained by buying views, likes and followers, is likely to push our society into a free fall of vacuous mediocrity," Sona tweeted on Friday.

"I look forward to the audiences looking past the number game, separating the wheat from the chaff and rewarding genuine talent in addition to kindness, meritocracies and fair-play please #HappyNewYear2021," added the singer, who is known for speaking her mind.

Last year, Sona's docu-drama "Shut Up Sona" reflected this aspect of her personality. The film was screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. "Shut Up Sona" revolves around her journey as a singer, her brand of music, love for her country's roots and culture and how she has become a symbol of hope for a larger movement. Directed by Deepti Gupta, "Shut Up Sona" is a closely observed telling of Sona's uncomfortable relationship with her country.

(Source: IANS)