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News |  28 Dec 2020 12:47 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Kiara Chettri shares ‘Kinara Tu’ always hold a special place in her heart

MUMBAI: Singer Kiara Chettri, who recently released the “4 am” album, dropped first original Hindi song “Kinara Tu”. The beautiful lyrics for “Kinara Tu” are written by Manish Bhatt.

“Kinara Tu” is a song from a daughter to her mother. It’s a very emotional song and a song that will always hold a special place in the singer’s heart. Excited about the release, “Actually, I had initially written a song called Home which is also a part of my debut album. I wrote Home after having a fight with my mother. So, it is a very emotional track and ‘Kinara Tu’ is the Hindi version of Home”.

Watch here:

“I have tried to capture the spectrum of emotions I went through after our fight: frustration, realisation and ultimately appreciation for what she means to me”. The “4 am” album singer never wanted distance to come between them and that’s why she wrote this track for her. While, originally this was written in English as Home, she felt that there was something missing and that happens at times. “I was sure that the track would sound more wholesome better in Hindi, with the Indian musical elements of Tabla etc. and it did”.

The video is a takeaway from that thought about the importance of mothers and how no one else in the world can understand us better but the plot of the video is a bit different from the song.

“I had lots of fun filming the music video and got to experience different aspects of shooting a video of how you need to look emotional but not bored on camera”, Kiara adds.

2020 has turned up quite well for Kiara unlike others, “Initially, I was very sad that I missed out on all the live shows because of the pandemic”. During the summer, she started making a lot of music and the work on her album began. She released her single called “Some Hope” which she wrote based on the Covid-19 impact on the world. She also released a music video and it blew up. The singer was fortunate enough to have pages like International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) and incredibly talented artistes like Diljit Dosanjh post about it. “I was really pumped”.

Further, the “Home” singer released two more singles after that titled “Never” and “A Reason”, they both also did pretty well. She got on Ehsaan Noorani’s live chat and has been on it two to three times. Her audience has increased a lot and so has her content on social media. After her album got released, she received so much love from everyone and also got opportunities like getting articles written about her on respectable platforms. “I can truly say that 2020 wasn’t so bad. I think just having the confidence to work hard and do what you love doing gets you through everything. This year wasn’t all rainbows. There were so many bad times too when things just didn’t work out. But I always told myself to stay grounded and work hard”.

The 17-year-old finds inspiration for her music from anything and anyone. For example, her song called “Never” is about one of her friends’ relationship and how it didn’t work out. Another songs “Kinara Tu” and “Home” are about her mother. She loves watching artists perform live on YouTube. “It gives me so much inspiration for song-writing and so many visuals for music videos and photo shoots”.

Currently she is working on her second album. She has already composed and written 4 songs and is planning to go to Mumbai for a month or two to produce the album. “I know for a fact that I will never stop making music. It’s just what I was born to do”, she concluded.