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News |  22 Dec 2020 13:38 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Lyricist Deepak Jeswal dropped first romantic ghazal 'Tere Qareeb'

MUMBAI: Song lyricist Deepak Jeswal, finally got to bring his ghazal into life. He dropped his first ghazal “Tere Qareeb”, the song that was beautifully sung by Archita Bhattacharya and Arnab Chatterjee which used all live instruments during recording.

Music composer-singer Arnab Chatterjee and Deepak go a long way as they have done few songs together. Sharing about how the song came into life, “When Arnabda called me to congratulate on success of my previous song ‘Khwabon Ka Caravan’, he mentioned that we should do a ghazal together and that he will compose it”. He grabbed the idea and immediately worked over it. Arnab mentioned he needed something romantic like Jagjit Singh’s “Tumko dekha toh yeh khayal aaya” (Arth), so he penned the lyrics of “Tera Qareeb” light, simple and yet romantic. Arnab then composed a wonderful tune of the song and they started discussing the arrangements. “I was very clear that I needed only live instruments and nothing should be programmed or computerised. And that’s how we started to make the song. Arnabda had made the notations and when we reached the studio the file was blank and we started recording each and every sound used in the song. And thus, bit by bit the whole song was created”.

Unfortunately, the singer couldn’t savour the success when the song instantly hit with over 2 million views on YouTube as his father left for heavenly abode a couple of days after the release. “I am still in a shock and in disarray. I am glad the song has found acceptance but I wish papa was here to relish it with me. The entire team is naturally elated and they told me about the song becoming a big hit. I am still coming to terms with a lot of things”.

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There are a lot of comfort and musical discussions whenever Archita Dinanath Bhattacharya and Arnab Chatterjee meet. With Archita, they have worked so much that they understand each other’s timing and resonance. She has composed and sung a number of his previous songs. They joke, argue, discuss and talk so much that they are always able to conclude on a very positive note in their creations.

“Arnabda is a genius”, expressed Deepak about their bond. “His musical knowledge and keen sense of arrangement is so phenomenal. He is a very nice, gentle and caring person and we share a great sense of musical camaraderie. I really enjoy working with him”.

Further, he is working on a Lord Ram bhajan, sung by legend Bhajan Samraat Anup Jalota. He has sung the song with a lot of feel and reverence. “I am blessed he agreed to sing my lyrics. It was so sweet of him, especially because he is such a big legend. I had goosebumps when I met him. And to see his record was a revelation”. He had planned this bhajan as a gift to his father for his birthday next month. Now that his father is no more, he will still release it as planned as a tribute to him and would be very happy to write more ghazals in future.